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Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions


When you submit the Sign-Up form, it is considered confirmation that the provided information is true and accurate. Additionally, it confirms that you have read and accepted the Company’s Terms and Conditions.


We would like to welcome you to (“Company”). We provide writing services to clients all over the world, including the creation of content, editing of texts, PowerPoint presentations, and resume writing. Nonetheless, these aren’t the only services we offer. You will be able to use our system personally and earn money. When you (“Writer,” “Applicant”) register with the company and visit its website, it will be assumed that you accept and agree to the terms and conditions (“Agreement”). You must carefully read the agreement. The company reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time without notice, and any modifications will become effective when posted on the website. If you continue to use’s services after any changes are made to the agreement, you are deemed to have accepted the revised Terms and Conditions. If you disagree with the Terms and Conditions, you must immediately discontinue the use of the website and services.

Register with Information Security

This business requires a team of skilled freelance writers. accepts as members anyone over the age of 18 with writing skills and Good English. If you request or resign, the company will delete all of your personal information stored in its system. Your application information will not be shared with third parties. Data submitted in the application must contain accurate and comprehensive information. Our writers are responsible for the maintenance and secrecy of the password used to access the website, as well as the information associated with their accounts. Sharing the password with no one under any circumstances is a crucial requirement. In the event that unauthorized access or usage is suspected, it should be brought to the company’s attention.

Authors and applicants must agree to receive notifications and e-mails that are essential to the project’s execution. Additionally, they must cooperate with the email address provided during registration.


The company will evaluate your application and approve or deny it within seven business days. Applicants will be notified of the results via e-mail at the address provided on the Sign Up form. Applicants must be aware that company e-mails will not end up in their spam folder and must regularly check their inboxes.

If an application is rejected, there is no opportunity for a writer to register with the company again. will ensure that each author has only one account. Multiple accounts, whether active or inactive, will result in the termination of all of a writer’s accounts. By logging into the company’s system within 30 calendar days, a writer could take over the first project (“project”). If they do not accept a project or log into the company’s system, their account will become inactive. Inactive accounts are removed from our database because they are of no use to the organization.

Working Method

The company will provide all the necessary information to operate the system. Writers must be familiar with both writing and system manuals. Prior to a project’s commencement, the terms and conditions must be accepted. will respond to all inquiries regarding the work procedure, company policy, and payment. If you violate the guidelines or the company’s policy, you may be subject to fines. Instances of serious misconduct will result in account termination, with no opportunity for reconsideration. provides freelance workers with access to various types of projects. Each project has distinct instructions for completion. A writer must adhere to the Terms and Conditions of the company, the project, and the customer’s instructions. If a writer is unable to meet the requirements of the company or the client, a fine may be imposed in accordance with the company’s fine policy (provided in the system guide).


There is company information on the website. Among them are files, applications, images, and text. They are protected by copyright, so authors cannot use them for non-commercial or personal purposes. They should not be utilized for project completion.

Customers’ information, text, files, images, personal data, applications, and other data may also be contained in projects. These data cannot also be used for commercial or personal purposes. The material could not be used for any other purpose besides the specified project.

The website may also contain information, files, and texts belonging to other website users. Also prohibited is the use of these data for commercial or private purposes. The material supplied for a project could only be used for that project, and not for other customers’ or affiliated companies projects.

Taking on a project

Each project is governed by the Terms and Conditions of the Company.

A Writer may:

If a project falls within a writer’s area of expertise, they are able to accept it if it is available.
Communicate with the client about the project’s instructions and other pertinent details.
When a writer encounters a problem during the course of their work, they can receive assistance from the company.
Obtain payment for completed projects that meet the Department of Quality Control’s requirements.

An Author must never:

  1. Neglect or violate the Terms and Conditions of the Company.
    Submit texts with poor quality or plagiarized content.
  2. A writer must meet the following requirements for a project:
  3. Formatting and style – the author must adhere to the formatting and style specifications outlined by the client.
  4. Requests for revision – If the customer’s instructions are not followed, the writer must request a revision. The writer reserves the right to decline a correction request if they can provide the support team with sufficient evidence to demonstrate that the revision request violates the original instructions.
  5. Additional files – The client uploads these files to assist the project writer. These are covered in the Privacy Section of the Company’s Terms and Conditions.
    After a project has been completed, the client will evaluate it via a survey. Although it is not required, it is an option. The HR department takes positive feedback into account during performance evaluations.
  6. Urgency – A writer must adhere to the given time constraints of the project. Although strict adherence to the criteria is required, late projects are deemed of poor quality and will be penalized in accordance with the company’s policy on fines.
    This is the date and time by which the final draft must be uploaded. In the event that a writer requests a deadline extension, the client has the option of granting one. It may depend on the complexity of the undertaking.
    Presentation of the project

Customers accept texts that are timely and of high quality. Writers are always compensated for following instructions and submitting their work on time. Within two weeks of the original deadline, the client is permitted to request a revision without incurring any additional fees. A writer must adhere to and meet the revision deadline as a top priority. In addition, the writer reserves the right to deny a revision request if they can provide evidence demonstrating a violation of the original instructions by submitting a revision request to the Support Team.

Payment Policy

A writer has the right to be compensated for completed work. The company requires payment information, and it cannot assist you in obtaining this information from your bank. You must provide payment information for verification before requesting a withdrawal. If you follow the procedure outlined in the system guide on the page “How to get your payment details verified” and notify the Financial department about the required verification, the Financial department will confirm the payment details.

Examining the financial report, a writer could see their salary accumulating as they worked. Only payment for finished projects will be displayed. If a project is incomplete, undergoing revision, or being investigated by the Quality Control Department, the payment will not be reflected.

The business processes withdrawal requests twice per month, on the 1st and 15th, within three business days.

The company will send the payment specified in the withdrawal request to the writer’s payment information; if the specified method is unavailable, the company will confirm the possibility of a method change.

There is no option to convert the salary processing from USD to another currency.

Due to the failures of a third party, the company is not liable for errors, delays, or failure to receive the full salary. A writer has the right to request a billing statement from the company. In turn, the company must provide the document.

A writer must be familiar with the bank’s terms and agree to them, as well as be responsible for any additional fees they impose.

Within ten business days following the receipt of payment, the Financial Department could review any inquiries regarding the payment.


Upon completion of all pending projects, a writer’s account may be terminated if they request it. If a writer is unwilling to complete pending assignments, they will be reassigned and the fine policy will be applied.

After resigning, a writer cannot request that the HR Department reactivate their account.

If a writer violates company policy, his/her account could be terminated. A writer may submit a reactivation request to the Human Resources department, but the HR department’s decision cannot be appealed.

Intellectual property and copyrights

The company never retains any rights to any content uploaded for customer projects. The customer owns the content and rights to the project they purchase from a writer. By uploading content, the author accepts the Terms and Conditions of the project. Consequently, there is an agreement on the part of the author to upload only original content and properly cited borrowed information. You are selling the rights to the text by uploading the range. A writer is entitled to the project’s content if a client rejects it. It could be utilized in a later project for the company.

As long as you use the company’s services, the Terms and Conditions will be strictly enforced.