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Will Computers Take Over Society in the Future?

This paper will be based on the scenario of computers and will computers take over society in the future. The first and foremost element of this research paper is the research question and the entire research is based on this. The thesis statement is the answer to this research question and the thesis is the core text of the entire research paper. This proposal paper incorporates the research plan and evaluation of external sources that will be used in this research.

Research Question

Will computers in the near future become a basic necessity for everyone?

The technological influx has changed the overall perception of technology and things are changing quite drastically. Computers are used in everyday life and technology has progressed so rapidly that even underdeveloped countries and people with low incomes can afford computers because of the fact that they are a necessity in today’s world.

Research Plan

Research Methodologies are considered as an important factor as far as analysis of an element is concerned. Research has always been considered as an element of utmost importance because the results that are derived from these methodologies help the researcher in driving a proper conclusion. One of the most important elements in research is the selection of an appropriate approach and the viability of that approach. This part must be dealt with with extreme care and it must be implemented and confirmed during the planning and the evaluation stage of the research project. The concepts regarding the research are quite wide and varied and there are different schools of thought about various methods that are practiced and used in contemporary academia. Throughout the years there have been many suggestions that pertain to different types of methods methodologies that are applied in different fields of research. These methodologies are applied to attain the short and long-term objectives of a research project. The professionals that conduct research stress a lot on achieving their targets and objectives, ultimately they reach high-quality decisions if the research is conducted in an appropriate manner. The research design incorporates different elements of research and one of the most common factors is considered as the process of gathering information and it also incorporates the process of calculating and analyzing the data. The design of the research also incorporates certain elements like identifying the strategies of research and which approaches are appropriate to conduct research. However, the various methods that are used in conducting research have their own limitations and these limitations of the research must be gauged properly and they must be realized by the researchers that in order to make appropriate decisions a proper research approach must be used.

The entire research plan is comprised of primary and secondary sources and these sources are actually used to conduct a literature analysis and finally, through both the primary and the secondary sources the formed hypothesis is either accepted or it’s rejected.

The primary research will be solely based on the scenario of the questionnaire and the responses of different individuals will be evaluated in this research. Furthermore, the core purpose of using a questionnaire as a primary source is that other options of primary sources like interviews focus groups, etc are not appropriate for this research. In a similar manner, secondary sources are also used in this research which includes books, journals articles, and reports. The secondary sources are attained through the internet and using the resources of the library. Therefore, it can be said that both the primary and the secondary sources help us to either accept or reject the hypothesis and both these elements are considered as the main parts of the research.

Professional journals in the research

There are different professional journals that will be used in this research. The data that will be extracted from these professional journals will be used in this research. Furthermore, it can be said that this data will help the researcher to accept or reject the hypothesis. The professional journals that will be used in this research paper are listed below:

  • International Journal of Computer-supported Collaborative Learning.
  • Journal of Computer Science
  • International Journal of Computer Science and Network
  • Journal of Technology Studies
  • Journal of Educational Technology and Society
  • Journal of Evolution and Technology

The purpose of selecting these professional journals is to extract information that is based on computer technologies. In a similar manner, another important aspect is taken from these journals that what are the impacts of a computer system on our society.

Primary Sources

The primary sources that will be used in this research are responses of different individuals and the research strategy of the questionnaire will be used in this research. The questionnaire will be designed by me and a sample of 20 students, 20 housewives, and 20 business-oriented individuals will be taken for this research. Through thorough analysis of their responses, the hypothesis will either be accepted or rejected.

External purpose of this research

The entire research will benefit the readers in both the short and the long run. The research approach and the methodology that will be used in this research will benefit students and they can refer to it in different scenarios. Furthermore, for a general reader, it will impart a hefty amount of knowledge on the topic of computer science and how computer technology benefits the user in different aspects. Similarly, the readers can understand why computers are necessary in today’s world and why a human cannot progress in both the short and the long run without this technology. The external benefits of this research are wide and varied and it helps the readers especially students, business-oriented individuals, teachers, and all those individuals that are using computers.

Secondary sources

Different secondary sources will be used in the research paper. However, two sources are discussed in the annotated bibliography part.

Annotated Reference

Ermann, M., & Shauf, M. (2002). Computers, Ethics, and Society. Oxford University Press.

This book focuses on the scenario of computers and their importance on today’s life. In the similar manner the importance of different applications of computers are also discussed in this book. This book analyzes the importance of technology and the ethical aspects that are associated with technology. Furthermore, the benefits of computers towards the society are also discussed in this book.

Morley, D. (2008). Understanding Computers in a Changing Society. Course Technology.

The implications of computers in the overall society and on the lives of different organizations are discussed in this book. This book also discussed the fact that what are the benefits of new and modernized technologies and what are their implications in both the short and the long run.


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