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Why a Career in Business as an E-Business Consultant Is Best for Me?

In order to succeed in any job search one has to know the different types of careers available. Self evaluations are necessary for one to know what he can do best and then specialize in that career. Currently, the level of unemployment is rising at a very high rate. Most people have become learned making it even harder for one to secure a job. This is because most of these intellectuals believe that they can only do white color jobs. There is need for the young minds to be creative and innovative and come up with new ideas. With the way technology is growing it seems we will become more dependent on the internet for the day to day operations. Presently, most operations have gone electronic and thus e-business has become one of the big careers. Businesses are now selling their products online and this has made their work easier. It has become a medium for advertisement and new products are being launched on the internet (McGuigan 1). In this paper I will give an overview of my qualities and qualifications that make me think that a career in business as an e-business consultant is the best for me. I will look at the advantages and the shortcomings of the career and end with my conclusion.

Business is proving to be the best career to venture in; this is because of the limited number of employment places available world wide. It’s a form of self employment whereby one becomes creative and comes up with new ideas. In business, it is more adventurous and more interesting than being in formal employment. One is able to utilize his/her knowledge in productive processes by being creative. Presently, many people are moving to businesses as a career and this has positively influenced the economy. This is because businesses create employment opportunities and add to the national income. Information technology is advancing at a very high rate and I believe that venturing into a business that is directly related to information technology can be very profitable. Most businesses have adopted e-business as a form of marketing where they sell their products (McGuigan, 1). Most of these businesses are not well conversant with marketing strategies especially on the internet and this gives me an opportunity to venture into e-business as a consultant.

Being an e-business consultant is a demanding task and requires one to be confident in order to be able to face clients. I have strong interpersonal skills which will help me be of influence to my clients as I try to negotiate and persuade some interests in them. With the knowledge I have acquired from class work and seminars I believe I have what it takes to be an e-business consultant. I will be able to deliver and make strong contribution to e-business in terms of development. I have always been interested in marketing and this will give me an opportunity to prove my prowess in marketing. I have done some studies on the various strategies of marketing and this will help me in my career. I am a people’s person and like making friends and encouraging people when they feel down. This has helped me in strengthening my interpersonal skills and with this I can be the best marketer around. I also have an advanced knowledge on computer application and internet in general and this will help me boost my career (Anon. “The qualities of a successful entrepreneur” 5).

I have always aimed at making a difference and adding value in everything that I do. I would like to be involved in a career that encourages creativity and innovativeness. I have always dreamed of working in an environment where my personal skills and expertise will be of help to many. Being an e-business consultant I will be able to offer advice, special skills or expertise to e-business clients in order to maximize their sales or improve the performance of their businesses. I will advice on the best strategies to use, help in identifying options, offer recommendations, and help in implementing suggested solutions. Carrying out academic research, writing term papers and business proposals have always motivated me. I have developed a desire of doing research especially from the internet, books, journal, articles, and newspapers. I believe it is the work of an E-business consultant to carry out researches that aims at promoting products and services of e-businesses; they are responsible for creating good relationships between e-business development and their clients. They do this through thorough understanding of the clients needs, making sure that products are available in their environment and gathering feedback which help in enhancing products and its development. It’s the work of the e-business consultant to identify new e-business opportunities from clients and market analyst and help the business to develop them.

One advantage of being an e-business consultant is that it’s a way of self employment. Sometimes being employed does not give self satisfaction that one would be yearning for and it gets boring when one repeats the same procedure over and over again. One need to be creative and explore the world around him or her and e-business provides this opportunity for me. One gets the freedom to work from anywhere for example, at home, in the office, on traffic and other places (Beca 2). It offers a wide coverage and one can work for many businesses all over the world. It also offers opportunities to access different information thus increasing one’s knowledge. One becomes flexible and is able to create time to attend to other responsibilities such as doing domestic chores.

I believe I have what it takes to be an e-business consultant and I am ready to take up the challenge. In every business there are merits and demerits associated with it. I know that there are many shortcomings associated with the career of my choice (being a consultant in e-business). One is that not all e-businesses perceive the need of hiring a consultant. They believe they can market their products on their own and thus they render the services of a consultant unproductive. At sometimes it becomes very hard to convince a client that one will be able to offer quality services because most the clients believe that consultants are just after their money. These consultants charge high fees and it becomes very hard for some businesses to hire one (Anon. “Advantage Disadvantages of e Business” 6).

In conclusion I would say that entrepreneurs are the most influential people in the economy. People should become more creative and start up businesses. We should stop aiming to get employed but think of how we can create employment. There are so many opportunities for self employment but requires a sharp mind and networking to even realize their existence. After my studies I would like to venture into the e-business market and from what I have learnt I will be able to offer valuable advice to my clients. I will be able to explore the world and even learn better opportunities which will be of help to me and to my clients. Being in e-business is being a risk taker, there are so many advantages and disadvantages in it and thus one has to be keen and carryout enough research before venturing into it.

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