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What is the Condition of National and Local Economy?

Staffing services gain importance as the economy is rising after recession. Staffing service specifies towards the employment and economic growth as they both go hand in hand. The companies suffer huge cost for recruitment.

Since recession, these costs add towards extra liability because most of the time they go for contract workers rather than permanent employees, as it is cost effective when the employees are sent back by the company or quit on their own will. Hence they found that recruitment done by staffing agencies are beneficial. The economic conditions of the United States in general and Washington D.C in particular are improving “While financial conditions are not back to where they were pre-recession, our survey results show that there is some positive momentum and reveal that small business owners across the nation believe things are beginning to turn around”. (Capital one small business barometer: Economic conditions are improving, 2010, para.2).

While starting any business along with the economic environment, the political environment as well as the business environment also needs to be analyzed. The economic part points towards the positive growth of the business in an area and the government is also taking measures to improve the economic growth by formulating favorable economic policies for the booming industries over there.

Within your local area, which industries appear strong? And which ones are weak? What judgments, with regard to your proposed staffing business, can you make based upon this information?

There are staffing agencies operating in Washington D.C such as Ruthi postow Inc, Graham, Tsi, Banner etc who will be probable competitors for a new firm planning to start in that area. For the success of the new business, the competitors need to be watched keenly, their work pattern, clients, quality of delivery and all.

Emerging areas of jobs in the coming days will be jobs related to environment, most often referred as green jobs, and in sectors such as health care and related sectors like education field, funeral services etc. An upcoming staffing agency will be concentrating on these areas for analyzing their growth potential.

The growth of staffing agency will be in proportion to the booming of these industries or the employers in the area. The industries which showed a negative growth or remained unchanged were construction industries, local and self government jobs etc. “In a report issued last week, Woods & Poole Economics projected that the Washington area — along with New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Dallas — will be among the leading metropolitan areas in job growth from 2011 to 2040. The number of jobs in the region is predicted to increase 49 percent, to 5.9 million from 3.9 million” (Haynes, 2010, para.7). Strong industries in this area which provides job opportunities are identified as federal government services, education and health services, retail trade services, and leisure and hospitality services. Weak industries are the professional and business services, state and local government services, construction services, and manufacturing services. So an upcoming staffing agency needs to analyze the developing job opportunities of their client and act according to that. In the above areas identified, job opportunities were most in the service sector especially in the education and health care services. The sector with the worst or the least growth was that of the construction and manufacturing sectors. Hence the staffing agency must be concentrating on the service sectors and could have an eye on the emerging niche areas such as funeral services. It is better to ignore the identified weak areas as far as a new firm is concerned. The job market and industrial scenario are to be updated for the growth prospects.

What types of staffing agencies occupy your local staffing market? Identify 2 large, active, staffing agencies in your market area:

Staffing agencies in Washington DC recommend their customers a possibility to widen their work hunt field to comprise a superior amount of service opportunities. And also, staffing agencies in this area have innumerable methods to have work at all times. Recruitment Agencies in Washington DC have offered a suitable method to get work with no hiring. “Employment staffing agencies exist for any job level as well as almost any type of employment. Employment staffing agencies in Washington, DC use their skills to market your resume to a larger number of companies in your specific area of interest. Their inside connections and invaluable contacts can give you the boost you need to get the job you want” (Employment staffing agencies in Washington DC work for you, 2006, para.2).

The procedure of preferring an employment recruitment organization in Washington DC starts by means of what type of work they are seeking. The two main leading and active staffing agencies in this area are the Graham Staffing and Olsten Staffing Services. We can see a wide variety of staffing agencies in this area, and also the emerging competition in this field. Graham is confidentially apprehended, woman-owned recruitment service.The expert employees at Graham is committed to flourishing long-term relations by means of customers, enduring applicants and short-term personnel. As a staffing agency, Graham is entrusted to precisely reviewing customer needs and efficiently evaluating worker’s abilities and experience to generate positive answers to recruitment demands. Olsten recruitment recommends short-term and permanent spots from admission stage to senior stage experts in the following parts of the job. There are mainly three dissimilar kinds of employment recruitment organizations (staffing agencies) and all are geared in the direction of a dissimilar kind or stage of employment. If the person is in search for a small to mid stage employment site, then it is mainly expected to prefer a contingency recruitment agency. Like the temporary staffing agencies, they are useful in filling short-term work openings. These type of work happens habitually, regularly, seasonally or for small days or weeks.

Based on your findings from the previous questions, what type of staffing agency will you develop? What types of services will you offer? Will it be a niche operation or more diversified? Explain the rationale for your choices:

The type of staffing agency has developed lately is the Referral Staffing. It is one type of temporary staffing agency. It is one of the area’s leading Accounting and Financial staff consulting organizations. Referral recruitment offers a modified, practical method in servicing, building up and preserving long-term trade relations by means of employers and applicants. The exclusive capability of the Referral staffing agency facilitates to offer good result. Various types of services are offered by these staffing agencies. “Our talent pool is hand picked and well screened. Real strengths, weaknesses and technical ability are qualified. Genuine interest in your opportunity is verified. Then we make the introduction to you” (Services, 2006, para.1).

This agency provides Career post for the applicants as well as to help organizations by means of high stage monetary plans; Referral organization consulting gives attention by offering strategic relations to higher and managerial stage accounting and economics aptitudes together with the community (public) and commercial accounting. Services vary from offering a sole monetary consultant to distributing an entire group of consultant to assist by means of expert contract plans. This particular staffing agency offers support to short-term development for recruitment of candidates. The nature of staffing agency, we will develop, is temporary so that we will operate in a niche area and need to concentrate only on small fragment of applicants.

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