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What Is Right With the World?

The world diversity creates a scope of picturesque scenes of nature in its perfect presentation. A man urged to nature when wanted to escape from the reality of routine life. The ability of everyone to see and share the beauty of the world is slowly decreasing due to the urbanization and globalization processes of the twenty-first century.

The extent of provision of live and vivid sceneries for aesthetic purposes is vital for us not to forget the roots of the essence. A man under the harsh and unbearable living conditions cannot look at the sphere of total consolation and relief which the natural landscapes tend to present us with. It is common for people to get wrapped up in the pressures of life. One needs to take time to smell the roses. This thesis is the standpoint of my essay.

The majority of us are inclined to think that the reason for our problems lies in lack of time, money, power, etc. This in return presupposes a lack of possibilities. Do you mind the fact that possibilities are somewhere near? In fact, they are at a man’s disposal every now and then. Constant dealing with and observing of the natural phenomena performed in some marvelous instances demonstrating the fruits of Mother Earth cannot but inspire and fulfill with a flow of the emotions aiming as usual at unleashing our potentials in the stream of changing world.

Popular photographer working in ‘National Geographic’ Dewitt Jones in his fascinating and greatly encouraging work “Celebrate What’s Right with the World” depicts the pictures of nature by means of his straightforward and highly elaborated view on the things surrounding us in the worldwide prospects. With the experience of visiting many countries or better to say many sightseeing of nature Dewitt intends the publicity to search what is right, not wrong, with the world. The clear and reasonable vision on life and everything which is appropriate to the concept of life, as the narrator explains, prevent people from forgetting the fundamentals of life and its philosophy.

Sometimes I realize that life at its beginning becomes harder. This approach terrifies me with the unpredictability of its source. Nature tends me to forget about all the disturbances appearing in my life experience, mother constantly intends me to behave like this. When getting up I feel a delicate smell of roses which describe pictures of my imaginary world of emotions and entire dreams. With regards to Dewitt Jones, I cannot but recall one of the principles which he taught us to use in everyday life, namely: “believe it and you will see it.” (Jones 2003) This key concept is emphasizing when I am deeply impressed with the whiteness of the weather outdoor. Loud as well as a languishing sigh: “Wow! That is wonderful!” escaped and I go on preparing everything required for snowmobiling in this perfect sunny winter morning.

Yesterday I was low-spirited so that to enjoy my fascinating life. Too many problems about the house and concerned with those papers marked ‘F’ spanked down on me, and the way out seemed to be unreachable, but it goes without saying that what at first may appear to be an ending, is often a new beginning. Today I have made up my mind to go to the summit of Mt. St. Helen’s by means of the snowmobile in order to have keen senses of frosty wind on my face and expressive contours of firs dressed in white.

While looking at newly born snow powder along with the sceneries full of bright colors implemented through the seasonal beauty of somebody’s divine design, pathways sunk in the depth of snow, the play of snowflakes rising up and down with the help of light puffs I realized what Dewitt bore in mind when saying: “Recognize abundance!” (Jones 2003) The many-faceted nature of what earth gives to a man is about to be multiple and wonderful and leans to touch his heart with the pictures maintained throughout man’s personal outlook and feelings supporting it.

The friends are near me and I am pleased too to have such an early, but adventurous trip on my way towards entire and precious things which, in fact, ought to make me happier and more satisfied at the moment, the moment of truth. My Polaris 700 RMK is a great device that sometimes makes me remember the smell of the city by means of exhaust. The city is somewhere ahead because I am on the wing. My way goes through the discoveries of what nature wants me to surprise with, even even though I visited this place many times.

I constantly seek the answers, answers, or possibilities for my Soul-making and aesthetic hunger which I experienced early in the morning after breakfast. The whine of the engine was heard everywhere in the valley on the way to the summit. Its loudness made sounds shake reflecting the discontinuous and stunning roar. “Right! This will do!” – thought I at that moment. Depths of pits at the bottom of Mount were supplied by gradual and inconspicuous immersion of my powerful machine, but keep on moving to face with the spontaneous thought of my problem to be solved right now in order to work out such negative attempts of my temperament in the future.

I made a piece of the decision not to blame destiny anymore and not to grab my attention on trivial issues maintaining the soundness of both my soul and mind. Again Dewitt’s statement touches upon my tangible strings of feelings I experience this morning. “Ride the changes” – says Dewitt for us not to be the same at the previous destination many times. I single out now what changes I suppose to have at the moment and a marvelous steep head interested me with the brevity of its forms and power. “Yes! I understood at least!” – screamed I with echo all over the valley. The gaps with which I confront in my everyday life showed me the foolishness of my actions when communicating and reaching the points of my current and primitive goals.

I tried to promise myself that I will not ignore those changes which can make me stronger, and then I keep reaching the top which seems to be too close. I feel an enormous joy and fear at once when looking at the picturesque and heartwarming surroundings embodied in rocks and snow. I reached the point of my today’s reasoning. Going upper and upper I felt a consequent growth of my personal thoughts emphasized with the emotional and natural performance of my heart combined with that of nature. The most convincing distances of my ride provoked in me following thoughts incrusted now in my mindset: “Take yourself to your edge and be your best for the world!” (Jones 2003)

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