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Veterans Affairs Healthcare System: Marketing Research and Segmentation


The Healthcare system is one of the most important facilities in society. Being the marketing representative at a local hospital, the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System is the main focus of the activity provided. Act as the marketing representative, the statistical data should be analyzed to consider whether the services are going to be in demand and how to segment the market to get the higher profit. Moreover, the veteran statistical analysis will allow analyzing the neighborhood’s ability to perceive the Veterans Affairs Healthcare services. The main aim of the paper is to provide an analysis of the market with the Potential patients of Veterans Affairs Healthcare System

Starting with the demographic analysis, which will help us to provide the segmentation of the market, the following information may be considered:

Veterans Living by Age and Period of Service
Table 1. Veterans Living by Age and Period of Service: 2007. In thousands (23,816 represents 23,816,000). As of September 30, includes those living outside US (U.S. Census Bureau, 2007).

The Veterans were grouped according to their age characteristics, but there is also one more piece of data that may be represented, which shows the territorial belonging of the Veterans, which is introduced in Appendix 1 (U.S. Census Bureau, 2007). The highest rates of Veterans are those, who are above 65, the fewer rates are of those, who are under 35 years old. The following tendency is provoked by the time the wars held. The Gulf War was held not much time ago and the young veterans are present. Taking World War II, there are no veterans but above 65, as more than 60 years have come from the time the war ended. The tendency is observed that the age groups of the veterans will be reduced as time passes and the Veterans who are under 35 will disappear in the future. The peace veterans are so few, that it will be unprofitable to provide some big companies, directed on them, but still, such segment should not be avoided.

Decision-making process and the role of market segmentation in it

The market segmentation is provided to meet the consumers’ wishes better and to satisfy their demand fully. Before the market segmentation will be provided, the steps of the consumers’ decision-making process should be considered with the aim to understand the purpose of the market segmentation and get to know the ability of the consumers’ perception of the offered facility. Problem recognition is the first step in the decision-making process of the consumers. The problem is considered and the desired result is provided at this stage. The internal search is the analysis of the information, which is already familiar. The consumer will try to remember the health care facilities for Veterans, which were heard about, in our case. The external search of information is the deeper analysis of the market and picking up the possible facilities, which may be used. The alternative evaluation of the gathered options is provided to choose the most preferable in different issues facilities. The market segmentation, which is going to be provided, is directed at this step in the consumers’ decision-making process, as it is one of the main parts of the consumers’ decision. The options, which were gathered, provide the consumer, the Veteran in our case, with lots of benefits and advantages, and the aim of our Veterans Affairs Healthcare System is to offer the Veteran the opportunities, which fit his desires directly. The purchase and the post-purchase steps are not the focus of interest of the current research, so they may be avoided (Berkowitz, 2006).

Ways of market segmentation

The collected data allows us to provide the segmentation of the market. There are several ways of market segmentation, which may be used in the market analysis, such as geographical, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral segmentation, which are also not the only ways of market segmentation (Kotler, et al, 2007, p.410). Coming out of the information, which was researched, the market segmentation may be provided according to the geographical and demographical characteristics.

To meet the consumers’ desires is difficult, as being different in age and living in different areas, the consumers want to be met in their desires perfectly. Different age groups of Veterans have different requirements and by segmenting the market in the chosen direction, our company will be able to satisfy the demands of Veterans of different ages. The problem is that it is impossible to satisfy the desires of all age groups, so the most numbered age groups are going to be considered. 45-54 age group is going to be united in one group as their number is small, moreover, 55-64 and above 65 are the main groups of our focus. The tendency is that people become older and to take up the under 35 age group is not prescience, as in five years this group will disappear and the business direction on this group is unpromising. The under 65 group is the most promising as Veterans will come to such age group with the condition of the correct and timed healthcare services provided.

The distribution of the offices to different states of the country will allow us to meet the requirements of the Veterans, who live in different states. The impossibility to provide the net of offices in all states made us consider the geographical market segmentation and choose the states, where the number of Veterans is higher. California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas were chosen as the district of our location. Such a location will also allow us to be present in all parts of the USA.

The assessment of the accuracy of the information

Assessing the accuracy of the received information it should mention that it was taken from a reliable resource and may be trusted. The conclusions, which were made about the geographical and demographical principles of market segmentation, are also argumentative, as the consumer’s behavior comes from their psychological type combined with the age group. Veterans have used to the qualitative services and the options, which may be offered by our Veterans Affairs Healthcare System are directed on different demands and may satisfy them easily.


In conclusion, Veterans Affairs Healthcare System is the facility, has segmented the market in such a way that can meet the desires of different age Veterans, who live in different parts of the country. The age differentiation and the spread location of the offices allow the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System to be in the first place among other systems, which offer the same facilities. The market segmentation, which was provided in the research, may help us to organize the business in such a way that the system could satisfy the demands of different segments of the population.


Berkowitz, E.N. (2006). Essentials of Healthcare marketing. Jones and Bartlett, Sudbury.

Kotler, P., Armstrong, G., Wong, V., & Saunders, J. (2008). Principles of marketing. Pearson Education, Oxford.

U.S. Census Bureau. (2007). Table 503. Veterans Living by Age and Period of Service. Web.


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