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The Walt Disney: Analysis of Mission Statement and SWOT Analysis


In the world of entertainment, the Walt Disney Company has a positioning on top because of the unique, creative, quality products that it produces. This has enabled it to be an international company that is highly valued by its customers. The worldwide spread companies are mostly found in America and Europe. This company does not only deal with the production of entertainment programs that are in the interest of the children alone but also explores other avenues like coming up with companies that perform broadcasting operations, setting up places of resting and refreshment, and making people happy through studio shows. To begin with, Walt Disney Company began its operation by setting up programs that were mainly targeting children up to the age of around 10 years. From this, the company gained publicity to a great deal such that it ventures in other types of businesses that related to the interest of the children. For instance, the children’s personal effects items were designed with labels of the company. Also, this gave yield to the media houses and resting and refreshment places put up with the company. (Rowan 2005)


In order for the Walt Disney Company to gain a positive public image, the company has a statement that acts as a point of reference in regards to its operations. This mission statement is all about putting the company highly in relation to the products it brings to the market in order to achieve the effect of communicating and entertaining the public. The company is able to achieve this by investing more in the cost of production so as to stand out from the rest of the other companies. This has made the company recruit more qualified and experienced workers to beat the competition in the current world.

Its employees are charged with the duty of exploiting new avenues in order to incorporate new ideas in the production of all products of the company. This will trickle down to more sales hence enhancing the profit levels of the company. The image of the company too will be positively felt in the public. More so, this strategy has enabled Walt Disney Company to monopolize the world of entertainment because of their efforts to maintain a high leveled standard in the current world full of changes. These changes are mostly brought about by the technological evolutions affecting every sector in the world. Behind this powerful strategy, the customer is the point of forecast. (Selame and Selame1988)

The mission of the Walt Disney Company has also been made easier by the survey it carries out in the market. The process is done in a very critical and professional manner so as to truly understand the demands of the customers and identify the possible customers. This has enabled the company to design goods and services that are friendly to the customers’ needs. For example, the market survey enabled the company to understand that the decision to buy or not to buy a product does not solely lie in the hands of the children but is largely determined by the people who bring them. These are their parents. (Marr 2007)

Each business enterprise is in operation because of one major reason-to make profits that will benefit the owners and the employees. Therefore, the Walt Disney Company’s main aim is also to use their product to gain money that will improve their lives both the employees and the employers. With the extra profits it makes, goods and services that are in harmony with the new technology are produced, new consumers are found through advertisement, and their image in the market is upheld among other reasons. To illustrate, the strategy of putting Disney labels on the daily items used by children forms a basis of making known the company to the public.

The company has then addressed the needs of different groups of people in society. For example the children, it has designed broadcasting programs that appeal to their interest and family-oriented programs that are in the interest of parents. In addition, the relationships and love designed programs that are mostly liked by middle-aged people. Airlines that enable traveling to fascinating destinations have been put in place and resting and refreshment areas that can accommodate various groups of people have been developed by the company. These areas bring satisfaction to both the children and their parents as they relate easily to the happenings taking place there. These developments have a leader to the drastic expansion of the company worldwide. Its corporate image has received recognition that has placed it high in the company.

In order for the company to attain the mark in the mission statement, the workers it has to have to rise to the occasion to marry the company’s dealings with the ever-changing technological evolutions. This affects all the business enterprises that follow the Walt and Disney Company. For example, the company has ventured into the business of producing cell phones which have features and programs that relate to the goods and services produced by the Walt and Disney Company. This in a way will act as a constant reminder to the phone users about the Walt and Disney Company.

The Walt Disney Company has put into consideration various factors in order to brace up for the future. They help the company to evaluate it’s standing in terms present and future performance of it’s commodities in the market. These factors are the Strengths Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats facing a company (SWOT). They are further divided into two: the internal analysis and the external analysis. (Telecom Asia 2007)

The internal Analysis includes strength, weaknesses and financial analysis of Walt and Disney Company. The outstanding strength of this company is found in it’s dealings with various business entities. This is positive because the businesses can support one another in various ways. Secondly, the corporate image created by the branding of the company has an added advantage as it simplifies the process of venturing into new businesses and creation of other products in the market. For instance, the company’s entry to the phone industry is simple because of it’s corporate image created in the market. (Hair and Lamb 2008)

The setbacks affecting the company emerge from the constant replacement of the top staff holding managerial positions. This affects the core operations in the company as different people think differently hence affecting the implementation of various policies. Again, the company has many workers thereby making coordination in terms of communication difficult among other factors. (Lewis1986)

The financial analysis of the company is important because it affects all the operation in Walt and Disney Company. The strength experienced by the company is best defined in relation to the stable financial position experienced by the company. On the other hand, the weaknesses of the company also emanate from the ratios money allocated to different sectors in the company.

The external factors include the opportunities and threats that the company is bound to experience. First, the aspect of “creating this world a small home” creates an opportunity for Walt Disney Company to put up it’s outlets in many countries. The airline facility should be spread across the world. Also, venturing into businesses that are done in the water would impact positively to their costumers (Service1997)

Threats that highly affect the company are those that are in line with the governance policies put in place by different nations. The challenge here is to be informed of these policies and any changes made. Also, the competitive nature experienced in the market largely threatens the company. Some competitors can be recognized and others cannot. (Cullen and Boteeah 2005)

In terms of porter and the macro factors analysis, the company has to trade carefully in line with factors. They are the goods/product, Position, promotion services and the price. These are the 4Ps. The goods and position aspects have been well captured by the company. Due to it’s long existence in the market, customers can easily relate to it’s products. With positioning, the company has many outlets in strategic places in the world thereby giving it humble in the introduction of new goods to the public. Promoting services are achieved through putting the company’s brand name to the items that people often relate with. This acts as a constant reminder of the company. The allocation, must impact to the targeted costumers. For instance the entry price is subject to the times on the calendar. The last P concerns the workers. They have to be qualified and experienced enough to deal with customers. (Keegan1989)


In conclusion , the Walt Disney Company has an upper hand in the current world because of the strategies it has put to place to remain relevant in the market. The mix between it’s strength, weakness, opportunities, threats and macro environment gives the company stability to remain in existence in the future.


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