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Television Network in the Struggle for Global Well-Being

Main actions of NBC

‘The More You Know’ is the broadcasting network public service group under the National Broadcasting Company. There is a large number of listeners for this service. This public service group gives more attention to the listeners who are conscious about the matters relating to the community. Their center of attention is the well-being of society, like education, security, and physical condition. Through this service, they give more awareness to the people about the surroundings in which they live, about their physical and mental safety, and so on. By giving awareness, they try to make a society that is free from all kinds of problems. The main motivation of this campaign is to give a helping hand to the people who have various problems in their life. The fundamental role of this group is to give necessary messages to the people and to reach their services even to the common folks in America.

One can see that there are many problems and issues in this world and one of them is a wide increase in the ill-treatment of young children. Children are ill-treated both physically and mentally, and this will create a big problem in having a better future for them. “The More You Know” service gives necessary information to the parents and other adults to make their children better citizens. They believe that parents should teach the children to say ‘no’ if there occurs any ill-treatment towards them. If the parents try to understand their children’s problems and make them aware of everything that affects their life, it will help the children better citizens in future. “Parents can also help children understand diversity by exposing them to different kinds of people at an early age.” (Diversity/ anti-prejudice, 2009, Celebrating diversity, para.2). It is the parents who need to show the children different types of people around them and need to make them understand each of them. “The More You Know” public service advises the listeners on how one can overcome domestic problems. Through “The More You Know” service scheme, NBC makes every individual in the society aware of the situation which they face and d gives necessary information to overcome such situation.

Importance of NBC’s ‘The More You Know’

NBC’s ‘The More You Know’ helpline has a very significant role in promoting and progressing the welfare of the country at all levels as it gives helping aids to the people who suffer from any kind of problem. They are associated with various major problems and their solutions, such as child abuse, disability awareness, hunger, domestic violence, anti-prejudice and safe driving. These are very essential to maintain social progress as well as the nation’s well-being.

NBC’s important role in child abuse

The timely help of NBC’s ‘The More You Know’ has a considerable role in solving the problem of child abuse to a great extent. ‘More you know’ provides a lot of suggestions to prevent child abuse, such as instructing the need of educating the family, being a role model to the children, and developing healthy communication between parents and children. These instructions are very useful and implementing these instructions will provide a healthy atmosphere to the children and help them to escape from such abuses without any harm. Thus, NBC’s ‘More You Know’ helps to prevent the abuse of children and maintain an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

NBC’s important role in Domestic Violence

The instruction to escape from domestic violence and advice to avoid such violence has a significant role in keeping family relations healthy and warm. It provides a lot of lessons to face the situation very courageously and explains suitable ways to escape from such violence without any harm. It even gives the particulars of the website to contact, i.e. the National Domestic Violence hotline to get more information. All these helps to attain more knowledge about the ways to solve the problems related to domestic violence and also give them the courage to face any problems. This is very essential for the welfare of society.

NBC’s important role in hunger

NBC’s helpline to satisfy the need for food has also a very significant role in maintaining the physical and mental health of the people and also to promote the well-being of the society. The programs and pieces of advice to solve the problem of hunger and the actions of the NBC’s ‘More You Know’ are valuable and also significant in satisfying the needs of poor people or those who are helpless.

NBC’s important role in anti-prejudice and safe driving

The various instructions and bits of advice to challenge the social prejudice are very significant in molding a generation who treat every people as fellow-beings without any social discrimination. The advice and security measures offered by NBC’s ‘More You Know’ help, to a great extent, to avoid a lot of motor accidents and consequent loss of life. In this way, NBC’s ‘More You Know’ has a significant role in social well-being.

Where the funding is coming from

We can see that there are many PSAs (Public Service Associations) who provide services to fight against the prevalence of hunger, child abuse, domestic violence, dangerous driving, destructing the environment, etc. Even though they have a good helping mentality for doing services to the people, one of the major necessities is a fund, because without funds they cannot do anything. The government provides funds and various other financial assistance to these PSAs. Apart from the help from the government and others, the major source of funds is different television networks. NBC (National Broadcasting Company) is one of the major television networks. (Noyes, 2009).

This television network presents the latest and up-to-date news all around the world to the people about poverty, child abuse, domestic violence, etc., and makes the people aware of these problems. By seeing this news, many rich people come forward to help the poor people in order to bring them up from their problems and poverty. Not only the television network provides services, but the radio network and newspapers also present these types of news and advertisements. As the television network and radio network are very fast media for bringing news to the people, it is very helpful to the people facing problems, because they get prompt financial help from others. As the television is telecasting live programs, it is much effective for knowing the news about the problems of people and thus the amount of funds by way of help and charity for the helpline has increased. Through television networks, people from any part of the world can know the problems of the people of a particular country. So, they get funds and assistance from different parts of the world.


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