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Technology’s Influences in Our Lives


During the last two hundred years there has been an unprecedented acceleration in man’s knowledge of and power to control his material environment. This has been achieved with the help of technology such as, steam, then electricity and now atomic energy. With these discoveries and inventions, there has been a similar accretion of knowledge about the materials used in manufacture and a progressive refinement of the machines them selves. Production of electronic equipments and components has come a long way since the days of radio receivers in 1940s (Kar, 276-77). From a simple power driven tool designed to carry out only one process, previously carried out by a single craftsman, most of the present day machines have become a highly integrated complex of mechanical equipment performing a series of processes automatically. This evolution or better described as revolution has had deep rooted effects on our socio economic environment, thus effecting human life (King 44-46).

Influence of technology

Mobile Phone

People all over the world, dwelling in rural or urban vicinities, belonging to various economic and social statuses are by and large well acquainted with mobile phones. Mobile phones or cellular phone being portable, long-range electronic device serve as accessible medium for long distance personal telecommunications. Several other features are present along with the standard voice quality of telephones; modern mobile phones can also provide several other additional services such as packet switching fecility for easy access to the Internet, sms service for transaction of text messages, email and mms facility for receiving and sending images and videos, etc. All these features contribute in enhancing popularity of mobile phones day by day (Lamb 243-45).


Television, a very common electronic device, which could be found in almost every house hold, is a unique endowment of modern technology to mankind. Now days several channels have emerged, which work round the clock to serve people better. Televisions not only entertain people, these also act as constant source of knowledge, keeping us informed about all currant affairs, facts and events occurring through out the globe. With the discovery of television our homes have become places of comfort and entertainment as well as mines of knowledge (Fletcher 188).


The next important technology that has a huge influence on modern human society is computers or information technology. Since invention of first generation computers like ENIAC, EDVAC in 1943, technology used in constructing computers has greatly improved. The capacity to store and Implement programs makes computers extremely multifaceted and versatile, and these factors distinguish them from other calculating machines. In addition with several other specialties, computers with networks connections can provide effortless access to vast resources of information, covering almost every topic within the knowledge of human beings, as well as the computers have the capacity to communicate with the other users through out the world. Such an open access to the world is a real privilege of computers. Computers work with great speed; have more reliability, accuracy and vast storage capacity. Use of computerized systems can improve both quality and production in industries, which in tern can improve economic and social scenario of any country (Deb 323). Thus governments now days are recommending use of computerized systems not only in factories and industries, but also in organizations like banks, hospitals, railways, etc. These days’ computers are also extensively used in educational institutions in teaching students, setting and storing question papers, in correction of answer sheets, etc.

Negative influence of technology


Along with several advantages of computer, many disadvantages also exist. Computers being machines containing many sophisticated parts, always have the risk of wear and tear and system smash up. Repair and reinstallation of computers becomes very expensive. Thus the computerized systems are at the same time both delicate and complicated in nature. Another disadvantage of computer systems is misuse of computers. Now days several illicit soft wares are available, which make possible unauthorized use of computer accounts, Illegal access to computer systems. Deliberately infecting computer systems with viruses or jamming computer systems, spoiling data fortification schemes, illegal accessing of other’s bank accounts, leaking question papers before examinations by hacking computer systems, harassing people on network, publishing illegal documents on network etc are general ways of misuse of computer systems (Dollard 89-92). Use of computer system in several production units and organizations resulted in reduction in use of human resources. This leads to unemployment, further resulting in poverty and increasing crimes. Now days, with the advancement of technology and extensive use of computers, man is becoming more and more depended on it. Thus the whole generation is in jeopardy of losing the Sovereignty of emancipated thought and self confidence. Doctors believe that extensive use of computers can lead to eye problems and even fatal Disease like cancer. Now days, with the advancement of technology man are becoming more and more depended on it. Thus the whole generation is in jeopardy of losing the Sovereignty of emancipated thought and self confidence (Dev 78-81).


This invention of television has taken the world by is due to the obvious reason that this scientific device has reached the door of common people. John Logie Baird of the United Kingdom first developed television in 1926, and since then it has been spreading its wings over the globe with an accelerated tempo. Scientifically, the television transmits and receives the visual images with the help of electromagnetic radiation, and it is at present, regarded as the most credible apparatus of audio visual communication. Even today the pictures appearing on a television screen convey a sense of romance and thrill. Televisions not only entertain people, these also act as constant source of knowledge, keeping us informed about all currant affairs, facts and events occurring through out the globe. Through television it is possible to reach to enormous number of people at a time. Thus television serves as a useful media for broadcasting matters of public interests. Along with several advantages the evils done by television are of real concern. Extensive viewing of TV causes health hazards. Youngsters get immune to the TV programs, thus neglecting their academic lessons and duties. TV programmes depicting violence undeniably spell harm to the new generation in their adolescence (Dos 441-2).


However, science is the marvel of the present world and modern technologies are application of science to fulfill man’s long cherished dreams to control and manipulate the forces of nature for his relevance. Modern technologies like mobile phone, television or computers and its information technology has given human society a powerful force to make life more comfortable. But at the same time it is also very true that blessings of science depends upon its application (Berkowitz 189). Let us take the example of a bamboo stick which can be used to make a flute, but the same bamboo stick can also be used to bit a person to death. Modern devices eased our working conditions, saving time and money and energy, facilitated remote communications, bringing the whole world under one roof, at the same time entertaining and educating us, keeping us informed about all currant affairs, facts and events occurring through out the globe, have proved to be a boon on human life. But as the famous saying good and bad is sides of the same coin, electronic devices, the outputs of modern technology also cast many adverse effects on human life. However, instead of all disadvantages, and shortcomings, it can never be denied that modern technology is the out come of mans tireless hard work, long perseverance. It is a miracle of human mind and gauge for measurement of human development. Thus, it can be concluded that modern technology is a blessing on mankind (Lamb 334-6).

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