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Systems Analysis & Design to Enhance Website Visibility

Technology Solution

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the proposed technology solution. It refers to a series of methods that the business will use to improve its website ranking in the search engine listings. As part of the internet marketing, the primary aim of the SEO will be to obtain search engine rankings, which, in turn, would drive more traffic to the company’s website. Higher traffic means higher customers for the business. SEO helps businesses to reach out to as many customers as possible through cost effective means. This is especially considering the fact that more consumers are shifting their focus online. Search engines will, thus, contribute to the visibility of the business brand.

Stakeholders/Target Audience

Although Google is the most dominant search engine provider, there are several others that hold sway. Examples include Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, AOL,, Excite, DuckDuckGo, Wolfram Alpha, Yandex, Lycos, and Irrespective of the provider that the business will settle on, the rest of the providers will remain significant players as well. This is because the search engine providers are also the providers of content that the business will use. Content will be sourced from all the search engines that can be found. However, the search engine providers are not the only ones that determine the rankings. Search engine optimizers, users, and content providers also do the rankings. It means that these are also important stakeholders whose contributions are significant for the progress of the business.

Development Tools

Once a list of keywords has been created, Keyword Planner helps in discovering fresh keyword ideas by filtering and refining categories and narrowing locations. Meanwhile, Ubersuggest helps in getting information on the strategies that are already working for other businesses in the market. The business can choose to improve them, gain an edge from them or wholly adopt them. Keyword Tool can be used in place of Google Keyword Planner to generate more than 750 keyword suggestions. The Screaming Frog SEO Spider refers to a website crawler that assists in improving onsite search engine optimization onsite through extraction of date as well as auditing for common issues involving SEO. On its part, the Redirect Path brings to the attention of the user potential issues that were unseen.

Ahrefs refers to a popular toolset for SEO and backlinks analysis through the use of Site Explorer, Content Explorer, Keywords Explorer, Rank Tracker, and Site Audit. Through its ability to replace several tools, Ahrefs can be customized to any SEO to provide ideas on content analysis and link building. On the other hand, Open Site Explorer refers to an optimization tool that searches the engine for links. This tool is instrumental in helping an organization track the links that lead to the organization’s website. When links points to an organization’s website, they help enhance the website’s authority, which, in turn, increases the search engine rankings. Meanwhile, through Google Analytics, the company will be able to track its video, social media sites, Flash, and applications as well as measure its returns on investments in advertising.


The Search Engine Optimization imitative is expected to deliver significant gains to the company. The main objective of the SEO will be to improve the organization’s online visibility, a process which is expected to drive traffic to the company’s website. Within 3 months it is expected that the number of website visitors would have increased by 70%. Out of these, 60% will be converted into paying clients. This will drive the transactions up by 25% in the next 4 months. With the growing number of customers, the business will be expected to generate more revenue within the same period. However, the SEO is not only expected to boost the number of customers. It is expected to also improve users’ experiences in terms of reporting complaints and giving feedbacks. Hence, the SEO will improve customer satisfaction by 80% in the next three months.

Functionality Progress

A group of keyword phrases that will be used in the search engine optimization has already been identified. A considerable amount of time was taken to identify words that had low competition and high usage by internet searchers within the search engines. Words that are relatively easy to memorize were primarily targeted. Currently, the keyword phrases are being subjected to a thorough competitive analysis against the organization’s major competitors. Such SEO metrics as Alexa rating, domain age, indexed rating, social media following, and inbound links are being used in this process. This is happening simultaneously with the content building process. High quality contents related to the business are being put in place to lure potential customers to visit and come back to the website. Once these processes will be over, the website pages will be optimized and linked to the company’s social media.

Problems Encountered

Some webmaster tools are prone to sending spammy traffic to users who are not real visitors. This gives the impression that the website has too much traffic even though this is not the case. Bot generated traffic can give misguiding information to the business, which interferes with the planning process. The issue of duplicate content where identical information across different URLs is punishable by such search engine providers as Google. In addition, Schema markup spamming prevents Google from delivering rich snippets from the site. Although traffic dips is a common phenomenon especially during weekends and public holidays, it becomes a problem when the dip is so steep. Moreover if sitemaps are outdated, they will not effectively assist search engines in understanding the site structure as well as discovering its crawling links.

How the Problems Were Overcome

Spammy traffic issues are recognized by Google, which also offers one with a webmaster tool to assist in blocking traffic bot hits. Blocking the spammy referring domains can only be effective if they are picked one by one. The other alternative is to create filters without the inclusion of the spammy traffic referrals. The problem of duplicate content is resolved by ensuring that the company’s preferred URL is marked and through the use of NoIndex tag, which prevents the indexing of a page. Meanwhile the issue of improper schema is solved by first going through the implementation guidelines by Google’s Structured Data to find out instances of application of Schema markup.

Build 2 Schedule

The Search Engine Optimization is not a one-off event, but rather a continuous process that should happen in the entire cycle of the business. As the market dynamics continue to change, there will be a need to carry out business analysis of new markets. The second schedule of the Search Engine Optimization will take this into consideration and try to enhance it. When used in the search panels, Rich results and Knowledge Panels will help enhance visibility and offer users with more information the company directly in the results. The search engines will also be customized to local, publishing, and ecommerce.



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