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Student Survival Guide and Learning Approaches

Throughout the study period, I intend to initiate methods and ways on fostering reading comprehension and retention of what is taught. In order to foster my comprehension I have to identify the reason for my reading and I have to monitor my comprehension while reading and reflect on the reading process if it is at any given time not contributing to my understanding of what I am reading at any given time. I also intend to develop strategies that would handle comprehension failures. To facilitate thorough comprehension I intend to regulate my behaviors and my mental thought process. Some of the activities that I intend to engage in include participating in peer led interaction that would serve to broaden my comprehension. I also intend to recognize the importance of peer led tutoring and how it contribute to my further comprehension of my studies (Baker & Brown, 1984, p. 23).

There is an array of learning styles at my disposal and I intend to be dynamic in conducting my studies through out my studies. Being an active and reflective person, I intend to maximize my learning by giving it an experimental approach in my studies. I also intend to work with others through out my studies. I also intend to make use of visual material in my studies and internalizing what is taught by keenly listening to the verbal teachings that will be conducted through out the study process. I also intend to be sequential in my studies by exploiting avenues that help to promote the systematic learning, which would further serve to help with my understanding of the study process. Being an introvert type of student, I plan to spend most of my study time alone in seclusion in order to reap maximum benefits out of my study time. However, this does not rule out the possibility of involving in group studies once in a while as this will give me the opportunity to express my understanding what is learned and also give me the chance to share with others what I haven’t read. This will also give me the motivation to widen my scope of reading in order for me to be at par with the rest of the students (Aarnoutse & Leeuwe, 2000).

Students at Axia College can access several educational materials on line. The three resources that will be of great benefit to me are the numerous materials in different formats that I will be able to download from the library. In addition, the ease at which I can access material from the library is of great benefit to me. The information can be downloaded to a computer and later on transferred to a portable media to be used fro future reference. The library is also important because it is available at all times and students could access it on line. Freely, students can read books, magazines and several academic journals of their choice. Online materials are advantageous for the fact that it saves time wasted through research in the traditional library. Another advantage is that of the databases that are available. Ebscohost, ProQuest and Thompson Gale Power search are the major databases that Axia college students can access online. The databases are student tailored and they yield results that have the student in mind. Most of the articles at the library are peer and scholarly reviewed articles to guarantee provable information. Another advantage is specific research can be done with a lot of ease by using the advanced search option. This allows a student to narrow the search and in the process saving the student countless hours.

Time being the most important resource in my study I want to initiate sound and healthy plans that will see to it that I have wasted little or no time at all. To begin with, I intend to schedule and manage my time wisely in order to reap maximum benefits out of my studies. This stems from the fact that I acknowledge that poor time management would wreck havoc to my studies therefore leading to underachievement. Time management begins with me therefore, I intend to break old poor time management and make new resolutions in order to improve my time management. I want to prioritize my activities by setting goals and writing them down. Gathering the required study materials in order to reduce time wastage. I also intend five minutes on a daily basis for planning purposes. I also would want to do tough assignments during my prime time. By seeking all the relevant information would also save time. During the day, I intend to use my idle time to read and study all the relevant literature and use watch to help me keep time. I also want to consolidate similar tasks, tackle tough jobs firsts, ensure that all the mechanical jobs are done lastly and put in some variety in daily activities. I also intend to avoid clutter (Bierman & Furman, 1981, p. 32).

I acknowledge the importance of setting and achieving goals through out my studies. The most important thing is identifying a particular goal working on achieving it. I will build my self-confidence by picking on small and easy goals and later on pick on a hard goal and further increasing my commitment in achieving my goals. By simplifying the goals aids in achieving the small goals. For easier remembrance of my goals, I will write them down. By keeping daily track of my goals in order to evaluate how far I have gone in achieving my goals. Being firm and positive about my goals.

There are three major points of interest in the academic honesty policy that require a clear understanding. Primarily, a student is not allowed to plagiarize. Secondly, no one else should be completing a student’s work and thirdly, no student is allowed to take credit for someone else work. Put in simpler terms it means that no form is cheating is permitted. Of greater concern to me is to see to it that I avoid instances of academic dishonesty. A means towards this end is to ensure that if I have to use articles from other authors, I will acknowledge them in my work.

I intend to employ appropriate means that will ensure that I comprehend what is being taught. These methods will also ensure that I retain a greater deal of what will be taught. I also intend to adopt learning styles that best suit my personality. Furthermore I intend to practice healthy learning. I intend to make maximum use of the library by exploiting all the possible channels that will be beneficial to me. The online library and the database would be my core areas of study. Time management will be paramount and of greater interest because it is a greater determinant of grades. I intend to set and achieve attainable goals through the study period. Concerning the academic honesty policy I intend to preserve and uphold integrity through out my studies by avoiding all the academic malpractices.


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