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Sea Shore Hospital’s Marketing Strategy

Name, Location and Nature

The name of the newly commenced business is “Sea Shore” hospital. The product was selected on the basis of the increased trend and better serving opportunity in the market.

The location of the company is in the urban areas and in the software area. As a result from the prior research and the analysis conducted before the product launch. The location was selected only on the basis of the research conducted and the location selected was urban area, where there are many chances for the increased sales as the people in this locality is much potential and the talents. The purchase power of the people has to be considered and the growth opportunity for the business is much high and it can be flourishing in the marketing arena.

The brief description on the business can be expressed as the hospital chain where the services and the facilities of the latest technology, machines and the instruments and accessories are up to the standard.


The self-analysis is a vital concept to be analyzed much prior to the business commencement. The self-analysis is much useful for the success and the increased growth of the business. It is a quick analysis of various inbuilt potentials and the talents that are inbuilt and they must be given a first place as “Entrepreneurs know exactly how much money they need to make to stay in business. They are committed to the achievement of specific financial goals and do not consider their old job as a viable option” (Entrepreneurial –self –analysis, 2003, para.8).

The skills of our service organization is considered to be much worthy and the organization has the plans to set up work as efficient as with all sort of special features in the services and to exhibit as the super specialty hospital. The skills are planned in such a manner that the doctors who are providing the services are with good experiences and the machines used in the hospital are of modernized technologies. The competency used by the hospital is free treatment provided to the poor people and needy class.

In comparison to the demand in the market, the hospital industry can flourish to much extend as the increased number of patients contribute for the increased need for the hospitals. The increased issues in the environment and the food habits act as the catalyst for the increased establishments of the hospitals.

The other competitors in the same arena are the Arrow Park Hospital, and the Ashton House Hospital. Various searches using the databases are used by the hospital and they are pioneers with presence in more than 14000 hospitals worldwide,which is owned by medilexicon international ltd.The Arrow Park Hospital offers much services to the local communities and they have a good reputation in the market within a short span,

Competitor Analysis

The potential customers that the hospital is targeting to serve are the needy people in the society; the customers in the hospital are divided into various segments like the middle class and the upper middle class. The facility provided to them in terms of treatment is the same. But, variations are in stay facilities like the room allotted to them. The deluxe rooms are provided to the upper middle class. The customers expected are the patients with various diseases.

The benefits they seek are numerous like better treatment, medical facility, lower financial costs, increased services and the good atmosphere which give a mental relief for the patients. The useful market segments which the hospital can be labeled are under various market segments like the political, economic, social and the environmental factors which contribute to the success of the organization. The size and the value of the customers served are very significant as the hospital is considered and the size of the customers are found much increasing year by year by 50% and the value provided to them are of much higher and the hospital believe in better services and the high satisfaction given to them.

Analysis of Primary Competitors

In making a business plan, manager must think the strategies of the organization’s competitors. While in extremely parted commodity business established, the important of competitor’s analysis is very less but at the same time in concentrated organizations, competitors’ analysis turns out to be a significant component of strategic development. The hospital is a multi specialty hospital. Before positioning the service industry in the marketplace, it is very much significant to consider the primary competitors for the concerned industry. It will help to find out the strengths and weaknesses of challenging services. Primary competitors in the marketplace for the hospital service industry affect the overall profit of the organization in many ways. The Arrow Park Hospital and the Ashton House Hospital are the two main primary competitors for this hospital industry. These two hospitals offered high quality and reliable services than Seashore Hospital.

Market Research

This is one of the most important aspects that help to acquire the most important data about the competitors, customer analysis of this particular hospital industry. A variety of manners of market research are employed to discover information on marketplaces, target marketplaces, and their requirements, competitors, marketplace tendencies and consumer satisfaction by means of goods and services. Businesses can study a huge deal on the subject of consumers, their requirements, how to congregate those requirements and how the company is doing to congregate those requirements. “Market research is the function that links the consumer, customer, and public to the marketer through information – information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems; generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions; monitor marketing performance; and improve understanding of marketing as a process” (Introduction to marketing research, 2010, para.2).

Marketing research identifies the data necessitated to deal with these subjects, design the techniques for gathering information, organizes and executes the information gathering procedures examine and converse the findings and their implications amount in the hospital service industry.

Analyze the Marketing Environment

Environment of the organization consists of both micro and macro environment. Macro environment of this hospital service sectors consists of political factors, economic factors, social factors, legal and governmental factors. Service business is working in the macro environment and there are a variety of aspects that are affecting the industry in the macro environment. The macro environments are subjected to certain limitations that concern the planning and decision making of the business. Certain features in the macro environment are categorized as the PEST representation. “In the health care industry, environmental scanning has been important for some time, because the health care industry has always been impacted heavily by a number of external forces that can create opportunities and threats. These forces include competitor forces, regulatory forces, market forces, technology forces, and other environmental forces. Extensive examination of these and other external forces is useful in creating scenarios for analyzing the possible impact of future external forces” (Environmental scanning and analysis: A brief examination of the hospital industry, n.d, para.4).

Political Factors

The political factors refer to the central government policies and the economic contribution in the company. The political system generally stress on various opportunities supplied by the government. There are unusual blockers in the political aspect like the mixed thinking and the chaos along with the political groups and a variety of policies in the government sector. The attendance of the alien players in the marketplace also contributes for the political factor in the marketplace. The outcomes from the political aspects affecting the organization are the open door strategy from the central government power and the global fiscal trend by the evident operations.

Economic Factors

The economic factors comprises of the hospital service industries, rate of interest, tax variations, monetary progresses, inflation and exchange value changes. The most important factors are the good development and the enlargement in the GDP. The improvements in the compensation from various parties and imperative may lead them to alter in the high disposable profits and the intense enlargement in the economical limitations.

Social Factors

The social factor comprises of the social changes in trends and the impact created on upcoming demands, projected for the service openness and fulfillment of folks towards job. The population has a cause on the social trends and the ageing of the population has created an impact on certain demands in business.

Legal and Governmental Factors

A legal and governmental factor of the hospital service industry consists of various laws and policies of the area that they are working. These factors are very much influenced by the overall functioning of the service industry.

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