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Religious Fundamentalism in Islam and Christianity

The religious fundamentalism is best defined as people’s tendency to idealize their sense of religiosity to such an extent that they begin to pose danger to themselves and to society. Traditionally, such fundamentalism is being closely associated with the Semitic religions of Islam and Christianity, which can be explained by the fact that the Semitic concept of divinity, apart from being monotheistic in its essence, implies the existence of “chosen people”, who are in favour with God, and “infidels”, who deserve to be exterminated. However, whereas Christian fundamentalists, such as Southern “snake handlers”, Jehovah Witnesses, or Seventh Day Adventists can be best described as simply a bunch of clowns, consisting mostly of senile people, quite incapable of causing harm to anybody but to themselves, Islamic fundamentalists represent a clear and immediate danger to Western civilization, as we know it, because their extremist religious beliefs are actually being given an official status in many Arab countries.

The reason for this is very simple – religion is nothing but one among many aspects of people striving to gain a higher state of consciousness, which in its turn, indicates these people being the subjects of biological evolution. It is important to understand that homo sapiens is actually an intermediary link between the ape and the super-man. Therefore, we can say that whereas, apes do not need religion “yet”, super-men do not religious “already”. This is the reason why, when a particular religion becomes dogmatized and institutionalized, within a particular group of people, this means that these people had simply stopped revolutionising, in biological sense of this word. For example, the overwhelming majority of Arabs has been living by the “word of Allah” for more then 1500 years and continues to do so now, without even trying to adjust Koran to modern realities, unlike White people, who have been continuously trying to interpret Bible, so that the “good book” would make more sense in their eyes. It will not be an exaggeration to suggest that fundamentalist Christianity is very much dead among Whites, as legitimate religion (only a senile White folks can seriously believe in Christian nonsense). On the other hand, fundamentalist Islam gains more and more followers, as time goes by. Even in comparatively secular Islamic countries, such as Egypt of Turkey, people get down on their knees to pray Allah five times a day, regardless of where the “time for prayer” finds them.

Moreover, the rising popularity of Islamic fundamentalism and Islam, in general, corresponds to the fact that White people, actually stand on the brink of extinction, as a race, despite the fact that it is namely these people who actually qualify for the next “evolutionary jump” more then representatives of any other races. Whereas, in 1900, White people accounted for 30% of world’s population, today they only account for 5%. This is the innermost reason why religious fundamentalism has grown to represent a potent political force in today’s world, as if we were living in time of Dark Ages. Apparently, the course of cultural and scientific progress among people, closely associated with the process of evolution, can be stopped and even reversed backwards. The fact that Islamic fundamentalists are now actually being allowed to immigrate to Western countries, such as Britain (Northern Pakistan), where they explore their “ethnic and religious uniqueness” by setting bombs in subways, in order to kill as many “infidels” as possible, signifies the fact that these countries may soon cease to exist as the centres of culture and progress. Therefore, it is whether White people take their destiny back into their hands and produce a heavy blow on Islamic fundamentalism, as they have done many times, throughout the history, or Islamic fundamentalists will turn decadent Whites into sacrificial lambs in their own countries, with world being plunged back into the state of primeval barbarism, as a result.


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