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Planning Organization for the Travel Agency

Thesis statement

The current paper is aimed to describe the organizational chart of a company that steadily expands its business activity. The charts will represent the structure of this company on the different stages of its development. All the essential differences and difficulties of each stage will be explained.

Mission statement

The travel agency is operated on the principles of providing high-quality services to any customer. The company is engaged in arranging tours, and this activity includes booking air tickets and hotel numbers, providing additional services (excursions, parties, etc.). The company offers consultations and helps to get tourist visas of the destination country.

In order to accomplish the mission, it is necessary to get in touch with the flight companies and deal with the only, which would offer the most advantageous conditions. Then, the same procedure should be performed with hotels in several (most popular among tourists) states. However, depending on the target audience (high class or middle class), it is necessary to deal with at least one flight company and hotel of a lower class, in order to let potential customers save some money. After completing these basic procedures, the company will need to get registered in the councils of the selected countries, in order to be able to get visas for clients.

The final step to start acting on the travel services market is to launch the advertisement campaign, which would emphasize the hook that was invented for attracting clients. This hook may be either discount for first clients or offering some kind of extreme entertainment (skydiving, kiting, boarding, etc.)

The key difficulty of the starting period is to hit the target audience. It is necessary to emphasize that this market is rather filled, so, the attraction of new customers would require a creative approach.

Organization Chart

(Chart 1)
(Chart 1)

* Contractor in this chart is responsible for adjusting cooperation with flight companies, councils, and hotels. His duty is also to take into account the pieces of advice that entertainment expert provides.

** Generator of ideas is a part-time position that requires offering innovative and creative ideas on how to attract clients. This item should become the engine of the whole company, as they perform the key procedures, aimed at the growth of the company.

Adding the Second Location

Opening of the subsidiary office is not an easy task, however, in order to expand the customers base this step is inevitable. The organizational chart will not change essentially: deputy customer care manager will be required, and consultancy department personnel for the second office. All the other procedures will be performed through the central office. Such remoteness would slightly increase the necessary time for filling in all the necessary documents; however, it will be much more effective than opening an independent office. Another challenge is launching an amended or additional advertisement campaign, in order people could get to know of the second office.

The difficulty of controlling additional departments arises here; however, proper management would help to solve this difficulty easily. As for the advertisement campaign – it will not require essential changes.

(Chart 2)
(Chart 2)

Five Offices in two Cities

Such expansion of business activity requires essential enlargement of staff. Thus, customer care, HR, commercial and creative departments should be enlarged. As for the hierarchy of the structure, it is necessary to emphasize that there is a strong need in the central (coordinating office) that would coordinate the work of all five locations. Nevertheless, there will be two executive offices (one in each city).

(Chart 3)
(Chart 3)

It is the general chat for the whole company.

The central office will be of the same structure as shown in Chart 1. Executive offices will have the structure shown on Chart 2, with the only difference: deputy HR and deputy Commercial manager will be added.

Keeping in touch is performed by the means of online communication, and traditional mail (airmail or courier service) if there is a necessity to get in touch with the council. Coordination of two city representatives (including several departments) is not an easy task, and much depends on the team, but not solely on the executive director. HR management should become the high-priority direction in the corporative strategy. A creative approach to further development is the key to success, though, it is also necessary to plan financial resources properly for all the creative innovations.

The difficulties that may arise here are closely associated with the issues of advertisement, a company will need to launch another campaign for another city. The creative approach will stay of the same significance, however, the necessity to improve the HR strategy increases. It is linked with the fact of team expansion, and the increased difficulties of controlling the allover structure.

Further Expansion

Coordination of seventy-five departments in five states would require a quality assurance department, which must obey only the central office. Call center would become rather necessary (or its on-line analog) in order to control customers’ satisfaction. The chart will look the following:

(Chart 4)
(Chart 4)

Chart 4 represents the general structure of the organization. Quality assurance departments should be located in every state and city officials in order to coordinate QA service activity and control all the departments of the allover organization. The necessity of such expansion is explained by the fact that the companies with gigantic structures are difficult to control and regulate. The quality assurance department will be the mechanism of finding weak points that is why it should consist of the decision-making branch, and the branch that searches for troubles.

Customer support centers should be constantly in touch with quality assurance, as call centers (and online support) are the most effective tools of customers’ complaints reaction.


The organizational structure of the steadily developing company is a matter of thorough control and constant improvement, as a growing company is like an evolution organism – it requires new organs to get adapted to the new environment, and to solve all the appearing difficulties in order to survive.

The organizational charts of the imagined travel company have revealed that managing any huge organization requires the mechanism of finding and solving problems (it acts like immunity), otherwise, the company will die.


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