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Job Structure and Pay Structure


Introducing an effective pay structure, appropriate to the job structure can be an effective organizational strategy for any business entity. Such a pay structure can work as the tool for retaining employees who have potential and competence. The job structure is the definition of the roles and the responsibilities and the specification of the each job in the organization. Defining and evolving job structure is the responsibility of the human resource department.

About the company

The company selected for the present analysis is Exxon Mobil Corporation, which is a US-based MNC dealing with oil and gas and was founded in the year 1999. It came into being as the result of the merger of two companies namely Exxon and Mobil. The company is a fortune 500 enterprise and the world’s largest trader of the oil and gas. The company engages in the production, transportation and manufacturing of petrochemical products and the sale of crude oil olefins, aromatic compounds, and polyethylene and polypropylene plastics. The company also has the presence in electric power generation and it has generated around 16000 gross wells. “Exxon Mobil Corporation has several divisions and hundreds of affiliates, many with names that include ExxonMobil, Exxon, Esso or Mobil. For convenience and simplicity, in this report the terms Exxon Mobil, Exxon, Esso and Mobil , as well as terms like Corporation, Company, our, we and its , are sometimes used as abbreviated references to specific affiliates or groups of affiliates” (United State securities and exchange commission, 2005, p.5). Exxon Mobil has the supply of products in six continents worldwide. It is the largest public international trader of energy to fortify the budding economic countries with due consideration to environment and efficiency. It has become a synonym for the non-government producer of petrochemicals. The Exxon Mobil Corporation is headquartered in Irving, Texas with around 82000 employees globally for its operations. It is the public corporation with increased revenue and profits. Exxon mobil has revenue of $4.61 billion with per day production capacity of the 6.2 barrels of oil equivalent (BOE). It has a good investment for the research and development and the environmental protection.

Exxon Mobil Corporation

Sales and marketing position of Exxon Mobil

The marketing department of the company is responsible for the marketing of the product globally. It is the marketing department that conveys the external environment about the new products and innovative products. It also makes them aware of the cost, its features and the benefits. The marketing department has a good retail understanding and has portfolio market facility. The company has an utmost value by the producing products of high quality. The Exxon Mobil has the segregated the business into the four sectors of the operation like the retail, wholesale, aviation and the marine. This in turn helps them to create a good return. “The ownership structure in gasoline marketing. Shepard (1993) looks at the effect of vertical integration on retail prices and station characteristics to test the hypothesis that vertical integration ameliorates both double marginalization and moral hazard issues” (Mayer & Fischer, 2004, p.8).

The Exxon mobil is highly customer-centric it introduces the consumer and the business credit cards for the amplified sanctuary and flexibility of the clients for the operations. The card is issued to the existing cardholders of the business. The company has the collaborated with the GE and Wal-Mart.

The company introduces the integrated marketing campaigns in collaboration with the NASCAR marketing campaign, which includes the multifaceted and the promotion to the company. The Exxon mobil introduces the online advertisement for the campaign and including the NASCAR races along with the sweep stakes and the additional promotions for the Exxon mobil like the air ride, VIP tickets and the sponsorship of the events. The Exxon mobile has the aggressive marketing strategy in mobile lubricants to increase the market share of the oil segment. The public relations are prioritized and the events like the charity event in the Las Vegas are conducted to increase the publicity and the promotion campaign. The’retailtainment’ program is conducted by the company which includes the special SUVs with the company advertisements, logos, display of the product, pamphlets, education material etc and stopping at the retail outlet and making long expeditious trip to create awareness and to create the market prospects.

Situation of Exxon Mobil

The situation of the Exxon stated is the company crisis; the majority of the companies have suffered from the crisis during the start-up or in past instances.

The incidence that took place in 1989,when Exxon Valdez oil tanker had made an entry to the prince William sound during the journey to California, despite the good weather condition, the ship started spilling the oil and a huge quantity of the oil was spilled as a severe effect on the ecology. For the condition of this the captain and his crew were accused of being alcoholic and the ignorance exhibited by them. The news had a widespread and the company chairman was suspecting the media and he refused to give the word of mouth for the media. As the ground operation had ceased due to the different issues and the little measures that had been taken. As the company had the refusal towards the media and the no communication between the media and the unfriendly approach by them, later the Exxon shipping director had to make the conference with the Valdez, which was a mere failure. The mayor of the Valdez claimed that they were deceived by the Exxon and by their sudden interference with them. The issue raised by them made the chairman of Exxon participate in the live interview with the media and the issue had a settlement.

Exxon had the consequences from the environment issue and the oil spilling, the wastage and the spilling cost were considered and the fine was imposed and good amount was handed out to the company as part of corporate social responsibility. The reputation of the company was harmed and the brand name achieved and the share value had moved from the world’s largest producer to the third-largest producer. The arousal of such a situation was due to the company’s effectiveness and the ignorance in the operations and not tracking the records as evidence.

Responsibilities of the marketing department/manager

The marketing department is the one that decides the success of the company, it is the department that gives them proper awareness and the promotion of the company in terms of the revenue and profit. The main idea of the promotion and the different tactics of the promotion is used by the marketing person and the vivid idea of the product and the specific features of them and the applications. They have to know the update of the other company in the world and the different kind of activities of the competitor and the challenges the company is likely to face and the different sportive ideas for the improvement. To promote the maximum sale of the product and services and to bring the benefit to the company. The responsibility of them includes the marketing, promotion, profit, sales, target and the effective communication. To be optimistic in the operations and to the changing market condition and to enhance the teamwork and to work with the collaborative vision and mission of the organization.

The strategy of Exxon mobil

The strategy of the company is that it will lead with the capital investment and the expectations are to excel in the area of the operations and to deliver the quality results. As the petrochemical industry is considered, it is the upcoming factor and the company results in the utmost growth in this sector. It has wide plans for supply chain development and the company believes in strengthening the operations through the supply chain operations.The key plan of them is to have the majority of the share and the growth in the industry. “Systematic comparative studies of multinational and even global non-governmental actors have been in short supply. This research lacuna is particularly glaring since the position of a major non-state actor—the oil industry—may be crucial to the viability of the climate regime” (Skjaerseth & Skodvin, 2001, p.43).

Job structure layout

Marketing Research Analyst:

  • Title: The area marketing manager
  • Reports to the senior marketing manager
  • Objective (To analyzing the different trends in petrochemical industry, Research the viability of the market condition)
  • Relationship roles (External environment analysis)
  • Job specifications 🙁 experience in market research with 3-5 yrs)


The role of the person is to design the several logos and the pictures on the basis of the attraction and the noticeability of them in the market, Objectives (to have artistic skills and design principles, have the best effect in designing multimedia and animations)

Description: Work in team and contribute for the ideas and development and enhance company image)

Major actions to develop the pay policy

The each the organization has its own mechanism of the pay fixing and the different ways of pay fixing are done. There is no hard rule on the fixing percentage on Basic+DA from CTC, but the percentage should be 50% of the gross. The major actions are experience, performance. As the job-based approach the 30% hike on the salary will be provided to the candidate and the different other facilities like the TA, DA, miscellaneous will be provided to the person.


The Exxon mobil corporation and the different kinds of the job structure and the pay structure helps to know how the each job functions and is effective for the organization well being and the different kinds of the responsibilities in the fortune 500 enterprise.


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