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Job Analysis- InterClean and EnviroTech


The merger between InterClean and EnviroTech has led to a new outfit that has shifted the two companies strategic direction to a completely dimension. InterClean dealt with cleaning products only while EnviroTech offered cleaning services for organizations in the healthcare industry. The merger effectively brings together two business entities which support each other. InterClean can most cheaply access cleaning products while EnviroTech has the required infrastructure and skills for performing cleaning services. The new entity is thus expected to be better in product sale and cleaning services delivery.

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Developing a new sales team for the new business will involve getting the best team out of the two teams available in each firm. The new sales team will be faced with two challenges. It must increase the sale of cleaning products while at the same time sell cleaning services. This requires the formulation of a team comprising of members with the necessary experience and knowledge in both the products being offered by the firm. The job holders must also be aggressive and high achievers for best revenue growth.

The most applicable job analysis method is the Threshold Traits Analysis System (TTAS). The technique is coherent, trait-oriented, multi purpose and is very thorough in developing precise and motivating job descriptions. The system has a standard set of 33 traits designed for selection and are divided into two categories; Ability and attitude. Ability traits are the factors that portray personal capabilities required for certain job positions. The physical, mental as well as acquired traits are very vital elements of job requirements. Attitudinal traits are the basic attitudes required. They define the willingness to do and constitute the motivational as well as the social traits. The traits are then evaluated based on six measures. They include the level of the traits complexity, weight in terms of the impact of the trait on performance of the specific job, practicality in terms of the number of applicants likely to possess the required traits. Other measures include critique referring to the level of relationship between possession of a trait and performance of a job. This job analysis method is probably the best way of developing a strong sales team that is able to drive up sales (HR management, 2009 Para 4).

The workforce plan for the firm would be oriented towards developing a sales workforce that is well able to drive the two business frontiers ahead. The currently available work force is oriented towards selling one of the two products. There is a need to merge the sales workforce of the two companies by identifying highly productive staff members with the willingness to learn the product development techniques used in driving up sales for the relatively new product. Strengths in the current workforce will be harnessed through a thorough training program to induct the sales staff from each company on the unique features of the product or services being offered by the other (Improvement and Development Agency, 2009, Para 2).

Indeed the future requirements of the firm dictate that the sales staff be well able to drive up sales in both cleaning products and cleaning services. To this end, the hiring process will be geared towards bringing the gap between the competence of the existing staff in terms of their orientation to each of the products and the requirements of the new firm for a combined approach in selling the two products.

A review of the existing workforce shows a rich pool of staff with a wide range of skills and competencies. The employees hired by InterClean are young mainly at the age of below 30 years and are all Caucasian. Donna is only 27 years old, Mark is 24 and Dennis is 28. Those hired EnviroTech on the other hand are much older and more experienced. Jim is 54 years old, Tom is 47, Eric is 41, and Ving is 42 while Terry is 56.

The new company needs to consolidate the sales work force and developed a single structure for the entire firm. An overall president of sales to be in charge of all the sales should be the top man. Two vice presidents each heading the sales operations of the two products should then follow. Several mid-level managers should then follow to head their sales teams.

The two companies have a very wide of skills and experiences to choose from. There is a wide pool of both soft and hard skills. Sales staffs hired by InterClean are very aggressive and mainly oriented towards closing deals and are less concerned with keeping the customers. On the other hand, representatives from EnviroTech believe in the development of long-term relationship with their clients, and are better able to work as a team.

Jim is experienced and highly knowledgeable in industrial cleaning and sanitation industry. He is known to meet and exceed expectations and is open to ideas. He should be hired as he is open and is likely to accommodate sales plans involving the sale cleaning services. Shane on the other hand is experienced but does not value customer royalty an important requirement for the provision of cleaning services. He can be hired due to his aggressiveness but be confined to selling cleaning products (Carter, 2008, Para. 5).

Tom has 25 years experience in industrial cleaning and has a great ability to lead as well as a great expertise in developing solution-based products for customers He should thus be hired. Mark is a young aggressive person well known in the industry. His services would be very useful especially for the future of the company. Ving would also make an invaluable worker especially in advancing the cleaning services as he has special expertise in training customer’s workers. He also has strong personal network of industry professionals.

Training of employees should emphasize on learning more about the new product and its market trends. Placement should be based largely on the experience and expertise for each worker. TTAS should be the guide. More experienced workers should get higher placement as well as those with greater expertise. Compensation should however be harmonized for all members of the sales team in order to equally motivate them (Cascio, 2009, p639).


The goals of the team will be to expand their sale of cleaning products and at the same time build a larger client base for the cleaning services in order to maximize the company’s returns. The suggested combination of staff members will very ably steer the firm towards the attainment of the firm’s goals of higher profitability by merging the expertise from the two firms to make a formidable team. Following the above propositions the new firm can achieve even faster growth by better utilizing the best staff available (Cynthia & Russell, 1996, p.16).

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