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Human Resource Management: Employee Performance Report

Vice President Marketing

Zenon Marketing

Subject: Employee Performance Report

Sir, Please find attached the detailed report regarding the concerns related to one of our staff, Bill Smith. His performance and behavior have been recorded for the past seven months since he was employed. The concerns of the department make it imperative to produce to you an explicit report regarding the issue.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely


Manager, Marketing Dept

Cc: Sarah Smith

Manager Human Resource

Employee Profile – Bill Smith

Bill Smith was hired in October 2008 in the marketing department. He scored very well on the recruitment aptitude test. He was interviewed and was found to be compatible and able for the job. He was selected among five other personnel. Since then, he has been working as a video-clip coordinator and distributor. Bill’s job is to coordinate with the advertising clients and organize the distribution of video clips within deadlines. He has to match the production and distribution deadlines. He is also responsible for producing industry ads for important clients such as TV stations and newspapers. Much of our relations and goodwill among our clients rests on the diligence of the staff like Bill.

For the past seven months that Bill has been working with us, we have faced some very unusual situations regarding Bill. His performance has been tracked right from the start and the results forced me, and Angela Rossini, Bill’s immediate supervisor, to seriously think about his place in the organization.

Professional and Ethical Standards of Organization

Sir, as you are aware that Zeon marketing is a very well respected and trusted name in the ever-increasing competitive market of advertising agencies. Our trust and name owe much to the hard and diligent work to keep up with the industry standards and setting new standards. Our core standards are:

  • Meeting deadlines, however possible
  • Never compromise on quality
  • Loyalty to the clients
  • Winning the client’s trust for a long-term relationship

Our ethical values within the organization are also valuable. They are:

  • Honesty and Loyalty to the Organization
  • Regularity and commitment
  • Contribution with creativity
  • A respectable posture within and outside the organization

Sir I would like to particularly mention our rules and policies regarding regularity. We are competing in a very tough and active industry that never rests. We cannot afford to give away many leaves to our employees. The organizational policy states clearly five-yearly leaves for any employee in the marketing department. Moreover, leave requests must be reported way in advance that is responded to considering the workload.

Bill Smith’s performance and behavior related concerns

Sir now that I have pointed out the vital ethical and professional values of our organization, I turn to Bill’s performance in these two areas.

For the past seven months, we have received serious complaints from trusted and valuable clients regarding Bill Smith’s behavior and performance. He has not been polite and professional while dealing. He has failed to produce the ads up to the desired quality and failed to meet deadlines on several occasions. We have lost a few very long-term trusted clients to the competitors as a result.

More severe are the ethical and behavioral problems we have faced from Smith. They include:

  • Excessive absenteeism, 23 absents during last 3 months, mostly unreported
  • Inconsistent behavior inside and outside the workplace
  • Profane and disruptive behavior in workplace
  • Failure to cooperate and listen to the management’s concerns

The personality outside the workplace matters as it may bring a good or bad name to our organization. Bill has been reported to be involved in drugs and late-night parties that also affect his work and concentration. He seems very demoralized and demotivated.

Corrective measures taken

Bill was contacted by the management early when these issues arose. He seemed irresponsible and not-listening. He responded apologetically to his profane behavior. On other occasions, he simply rejects any constructive criticism of his work.

Bill was also directed to the employee-counseling program that is in place in the organization. But he refused to see the counselor, insisting that there was nothing wrong with his behavior. He was informed that his excessive absenteeism may bring his employment under question but he did not respond.

We also helped him with his workload, considering that excessive stress might be leading got such behavior. But he did not give desired results even under relaxed situations.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The above-mentioned details are summarized to give you a hindsight into the matter. We have tried every possible way we could to cooperate with our peers but it all went in vain.

I, therefore, recommend that Bill Smith be fired from his position. His performance and behavior both are self-explanatory in this regard. He may be contacted and asked to explain things in person. I have tried that several times and it did not change anything for him.


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