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Hiring Prior Military for a Job

To begin with, it is a question of great inquisitiveness: whether military background helps people in hiring job or not? First, employers are seeking workers who have an idea of how their knowledge, experience, habits or skills meet the requirements of definite job. Two things take place when one is employed to do a job that is similar to some work requirements. The first one is the fact that employees use their energy in order to complete the job right away.

The second reason is that they adore completing the job due to the behavioral correspondence. Contrasting these factors the main aim should fall into real motivations. Employees should make some changes in behavioral framework of them in terms to confront the job and to move in a right way and then use the rest of efforts to carry out main duties about the job.

Before the analysis of pros and cons of prior military when hiring it is important to admit that if one has an interest in providing country policy of a mandatory military service – it means that country will be interested in your employment fulfilled. Is military worth those months or years of life? Of course, it is so when speaking about man’s qualification in moral aspect, and his matureness about main priorities in life and their arrangement. Also it will be a great reading in addition to your resume when describing personal abilities.

There are several advantages of being prior military. Young people do not actually think over the advantages of having such period of life, but most of physically and mentally healthy population cannot avoid the conscription. As Mark Pizzo admits:

There are several reasons why conscription is an idea whose time has not come. First, a properly structured military wouldn’t need conscription to meet its present responsibilities. Today’s uniformed defense establishment, about 1.4 million people with another million or so in the National Guard and Reserves, is a labor-intensive, Industrial-Age behemoth (Insight on the News, 1999).

An increasing number of the citizen-soldier population gives the Government few reasons to provide such people with guarantees of their employment. It is so, because of the previous experience when people returning from Vietnam or other military operations and wars had nothing to do and became alone with their problems. The negative effect is in lousiness of military as an employer. The physical and the spiritual factors confirm this statement. It is, of course a matter of money.

The aspect of this issue props against quality of work implementation and rationality of operating time, but “the military also must recover its professional self-esteem and renew its standards of excellence”(Insight on the News, 1999). Then thereis another question whether women involved in military process or not. Why are military men unsaved with social background for short and long run?

On the other hand, militaries are the glory and fame of the United States of America. To support the predominance of American army government needs human resources. So let it be the mutual exchange of what one can do for country and what country can do for him. This dilemma is faced for everyone who did military service.

An elite approach to military conscription is compatible with a program that would allow selected young men and women from tough neighborhoods to join. We must demand the highest standards for those seeking combat jobs and qualifying standards for all other skills (Insight on the News, 1999).

In short-termed perspective it is clear that the conscription is inevitable and behaves a number of features which are too significant for a real American, namely: courage, bravery, discipline, responsibility and this list can be continued farther. It is known that without serving in army some employers do not desire to hire such persons. That is why one of the motives of doing military service is to accept then a better job within a company. According to the long-term perspective it is hard to underline some advantages, it is better to note some worries about military families. As it is known, facts are stubborn things, so there is an obvious statistics which grabs special attention on the future of militaries and their families in focus.

  • Fact 1 “43.2% of the Active Duty force and 43.1% of the Selected Reserves have one or more children” (Military Family Research Institute, 2005, p. 42, 96).
  • Fact 2 More than half (56.6%) of the Active Duty force and 57.7% of the Selected Reserve have family responsibilities, defined as having “a spouse, one or more children and/or one or more adult dependents” (Military Family Research Institute, 2005, p. 31, 95).
  • Fact 3 “Out of the 750,320 Active Duty members who are married, 12.7% are in dual-military marriages” while “out of the 426,296 Selected Reserve members who are married, 5% are in a dual-military marriage” (Military Family Research Institute, 2005, p. 31, 86) (Questions and Answers, 2009).

The spouses of prior militaries are usually younger than civilian ones? They earn less and saved worse in social guarantees. Then according to militaries there is also a reason for being separated from the families. Still the conflicts may appear for such reasons.

Deployment of male soldiers had no effect on marital dissolution, though it did lead soldiers’ wives to work less. In contrast, deployment of female soldiers led to a large and statistically significant increase in divorce rates. Deployment of female soldiers did not affect husbands’ labor supply. Finally, the results show no statistically significant increase in disability rates among the children of deployed personnel”

(Angrist & Johnson, 2000, p. 41).

The prior military cannot but follow the right movements of life so that to control all processes in the well-being of him and his family along with dependants. The country seeks for benefits of its military policy while involving young people in doing military service. Society can make a great contribution to the US. Prior militaries can achieve diversity within job suggestions by providing straightforward actions in order to prove their right to job and work conditions. The civilians also have problems in finding jobs, but as a matter of fact, there is a paradox in advantages for military and civilian people while the civilians for some reasons are in favor.

Though, it needs more time for the government of the United States to accept definite guidelines and amendments to an article in terms of supporting and maintaining the layer of society called militaries. Thus, the advantages of prior military are: a plus while looking through one’s resume, the employer’s conviction in a man’s seriousness, additional years in the time in employment, more chances to achieve a better position. The disadvantages are: waste of time, some social and everyday disturbances, exposure of military families.


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