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Freight Forwarder’s Total Quality Management Model


This topic focuses on total quality management. Most high performing organizations have secrets behind their performance; this could include employee involvement, total quality management, successful teams, customer focus and care, excellent leadership and many others. In this scenario, we take a critical look at certain factors that if Freight Forwarders adopts may make it to be the leader in total quality management and hence enhance its performance. This is a freight handling company and therefore the critical activities will include, transport, cargo handling, cargo delivery and storage. For an effective service to be achieved these activities should be professional and efficient. The entire process is physically and mentally under the control of manpower, this therefore means that there should be personnel’s who are not only enthusiastic but also competent enough to produce the required results by firm.


Under management, we will be looking at the management style, communication techniques, human resource management, culture, its customer service, data management and its information technology systems and its competitive edge.

Cargo handling and storage process, Dispatch and transport process, Delivery and offloading process and Relationship with others.

Quality vision and goals

Everything in an organization begins with the management. It’s the responsibility of the managers to give directions of the firm i.e. where the organization wants to go, its goals and objectives. This process requires careful considerations since if the managers give unrealistic goals and unclear vision, it will be a hard nut to crack for the entire firm. This can be discouraging and hence may lead to an oblique future for the company. We see a company that is already in the global world trying to maintain its competitive strategy, it will be logical if the goals are vividly understandable to all employees.

Qualitative management style

Organizations are increasingly finding it difficult to adjust to the rapidly changing commercial environment; this is due to rigid and bureaucratic structures. It’s advisable that firms adopt quality structures that will enable them to adjust quickly to take advantage of the changing markets. Freight Forwarders is now an international company, in the global market things are changing so first that a firm can easily be a victim of moments if it does not adjust quickly.

Qualitative Communication techniques

Communication plays in important part in an organization. Most of highly performing firms rely on effective communication skills. Freight Forwarders needs to implement an outstanding communication system where it can be able to send and receive the relevant information to all its clients both domestic and diasporas effectively. Freight should choose the most effective, efficient and reliable means available to communicate to the global market. It should be able to take advantage of its market positioning to absolutely maximize its returns. Its through communication that international customers will be able to know what new services are available or which new ways and roots have being discovered.

Qualitative communication techniques will also help the company to carry out its internal operations effectively; this is illustrated when the management communicates to the lower level employees by passing information to every corner in the firm.

Quality human resource management

An organization that capitalizes on recruiting the best human intellectuals and personnel is always prosperous. A firm should be able to have a recruitment procedure where only the best qualifies. Its multitalented individuals that can be able to propel an organization to achieve its desired objectives. Most of world class firms conduct vigorous recruitment processes that ensure that they employ executives who are brilliant, experienced and innovative enough to handle any situation as well adding value to the organization. Freight could be having extended branches in foreign countries that require the services of professional that are highly qualified. In addition to this Freight should adopt a policy of training its already existing employees on on-job basis, this is instrumental in sharpening their talents to better equip them with know-how on how to handle dynamic challenges as far as cargo handling is concerned. This will ensure that it does not only have highly qualified personnel but also maintains the culture of professionalism in the industry of cargo handling.

A quality control department should be formed in or order help inculcate a culture of training. Seminars, workshops, teams, and groups should be the basis for training. Employee’s rotation should be carried out on a prescribed manner to help determine who does not understand what and why and staff appraisal schemes conducted regularly. This is the only way that Freight can have an assurance that its human resources management department has achieved the total quality management acceptable in the industry.


Culture is defined as the way in which an organization operates i.e. the norms, values and traditions governing an organization. Culture is important in defining an organization identity. It may be very difficult to determine whether an organization has achieved a quality culture or not, but it’s important also that accompany does lose its identity. High performing organizations are easily identified by a particular behavior, for instance the dress code; others like being in casual wares while others in official uniforms. The importance of culture is that employees feel that they are part and parcel of the organization; this is motivating and may lead to high performance. It’s important that managers of Freight concerned check on an on going basis whether the company has deviated from its culture or not. By doing this they will have ensured that the company maintains a consistent culture.

Quality customer care and service

It’s conventionally known that customer is the business. Freight Forwarders is in the global market place where it’s really difficult to handle international customers. For any business success there must be a good client base, this is only possible where the already existing customers feel that the company is very responsive and meets their demand. Most successful companies in the global market value customers more than any thing, customer is their king and any first priority is given to them. For an assurance purposes, a system should be devised to determine whether customers persistently have confidence and faith in the services offered by the company or not. Freight may be able to find a way of gratifying the customers alleged to be faithful to the company. A research should be conducted on customer care ordinarily and the feedback analyzed. There may be suggestion boxes in all points of contact through the net and local agencies. If this is done then there is no doubt that Freight will be world class in customer care and service.

Information technology

The current business world is highly automated and electronic, all business transactions and activities have been either digitalized or automated. The use of information technology in the business fraternity has led to a complete metamorphosis in the manner in which transactions are carried out. The reason behind this is to ensure that there is an increase in production and that the overheads are substantially minimized. Freight major activities include cargo handling, delivery, and transportation. To achieve a better quality service for the firm as well as its clients, information technology becomes extremely significant. The handling of freight at the sea port should be automated to increase efficiency and effectiveness to match the competitors. At the same time the overseas clients should be able to access new services through the company’s website. The company should also be able to launch its services online as well as marketing its core services. This will ensure that customers can book online and pay for the delivery without the need to travel in person. Information technology is an important tool in maintaining the company’s competitive edge. (Newbold, 2006)


Quality management is vital for a firm’s present, future and the past benchmarking. Total quality management is one of the available competitive strategies that a firm can use to protect itself from a fierce competition. It’s therefore significant for Freight Forwarders to embrace quality at all costs if it has to maintain its future profitability to position itself strategically in the global market.

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