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Frequently Asked Questions

Costs associated with joining are zero. There is no cost associated with signing up.

You have to do research and write papers, reports, literature reviews, speeches, and more across a variety of topics. Each assignment will have its own unique set of guidelines that must be followed.

The academic level and due date for each paper are different.

You can apply to become one of our freelance writers right here on the website.

Then, you’ll need to send in an electronic copy of your national identification card and a clear photograph of your diploma or degree certificate to [email protected]

Upon submission, your application will be reviewed, and if it satisfies our requirements, you will be added to the system. If you are accepted, we will likely give you a sample assignment to complete so that we can evaluate your writing skills. If your application is approved, you will have full access to our clients’ services. If you’re ready to submit your application, please do so by clicking here.

A typical registration with us takes between four and six days.

In order to do well on your assignments, you require convenient access to relevant materials. Please consider becoming a member of the Alumni association at your alma mater. Google Books, HathiTrust, Internet Archive, The Online Books Page, Open Research Library, and many more are just some of the free and reliable online resources available today. The link is here.

We would really appreciate it if you would encourage your friends who have similar interests to apply to become writers for us. Not only is this a fantastic way to increase the number of writers we have available, but it also shows that you care about the people who share your interests.

Once your application is accepted, you become a member of our writing team and can look at our jobs or orders. You can also put in an offer or apply for jobs that interest you.

If you have the “Take” option, you can work on more than one job at a time without our support team’s permission. For writers who don’t have the “take” option, you can bid on jobs you are sure you can do and deliver by the due date. When you place a bid, you should chat with our support team so that bids can be given out faster.

Once an order is assigned, please click “Confirm” so that its status changes from “Unconfirmed orders” to “orders in progress.” After 30 minutes, orders that haven’t been confirmed are automatically moved to the “available” section.

When you’re done with a job, you should turn it in so it can be edited. After an editor checks your work and says it’s good, it will be moved to the “Delivered” section.

If our QA or customers are happy with the jobs, they can approve them, and the orders’ status will change to “Finished.”

If you have $30 or more in your “Finished” section, you can ask for payments on the 5th, 15th, or 25th of every month.

Our Quality Control Department handles revision requests, negative feedback, quality complaints, and charge-backs. Our Quality Check process tries to ensure your work is error-free, but the customer may disagree. They may have new instructions after placing the order. Customer satisfaction should be your top priority. If the customer requests extra or different work, it may be a paid revision job. If you feel this is appropriate, we’ll negotiate a fee and delivery timescale with the customer.

If you want to work while on vacation or business travel, you must have access to your account. Please contact us if you’re traveling and can’t be reached by phone or message if you’re actively bidding and taking on work. We need to be able to contact you because your customers will ask about your work.

Each paper must meet the customer’s content requirements.

Instructions should be followed for page count, topic, citation style, and language level.

Original, non-plagiarized text, proper citations, correct format, and timely submission are required.

Sure, writers must pay a penalty if they plagiarize, are late, cancel an order for no good reason, use the wrong citation style, or use improper grammar or vocabulary.

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