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Description of Art Pieces Design

Christmas card Designs

In order for a non-theoretical product to sale, such as images that need a lot of critical thinking to understand the inner meaning, there are certain factors that need to be considered in the mind of the producer, especially during the Christmas session where business do well because of people spending their cash on buying staff that is a gently needed, before exposing them to the market as a finished product.

According to the collage image provided, there are little features that can be seen. This includes; Santa’s Claus head that looks like an emblem, “a representation that reflects a symbol”, numerous scattered printed magazine that contain invisible word that cant be read hence do not convey any meaningful information, and lastly there are eight different types of frames appearing inside the main frame, used in the storage of photographic pictures hence appearing in different designs and shapes. There is a mixer of colors used in the diagram e.g. black that is surrounding the main frame, a faint black one that appears on the edge of Santa Claus beards. There is also a golden brown color that is coated all round the four frames and a dark one to the remaining ones.

People like images that attracts there eyes immediately they look at them. Attraction when dealing with images is brought about when an artist uses legible and visible word in his or her artistic work. A well collaged image containing all facial features e.g. the nose, ears and the eyes enable a person to understand the content being conveyed.

The second diagram shows a very beautiful, unique shoe of size 20”+15”, having different colors that a person may want them to appear on their shoes. The colors include red white and black shoe leases together with black Nike label that represents the trademark of the shoe’s manufacturing company. On top of the shoes are children struggling with the heavy weight of that same shoe. This indicates that people wear shoes without understanding how and who is involved in the manufacturing of those shoes no matter how good or bad they are.

This implies to the kind of oppression they undergo in their day today activities. Child labor is considered worldwide as enemy of many because the children are subjected heavy duties such as handling chemicals that have an hazard effect in their life such as dangerous diseases e.g. cancer which threatens their safety or health. They also carry heavy loads within the company e.g. transporting finished goods from manufacturing rooms to storage centers. The most recommended hours of working by doctors are eight hours but according to their employers, the children forced to work for long hours under poor working condition hence denies them access to quality education which is much more important.

Children are every where toiling as domestic servants in homes but there is no one to protect them since the law makers are the same who go against them by employing young children below the required age of 18, which is required for one to be employed in any company, to work in their companies so that they can heavily benefit as they give their employees very small amount of salary to blindfold them.

Live Drawing Hands

Sometimes idleness can led people in doing things that they never intended to do. We realize that our instincts communicate with us in different ways. The image represents different types of hands carrying different meaning. There is one that shows a fist, another one shows people holding hands together, the other hand shows prayers an borrowing an item from someone, and lastly is the one that shows anger. A fist may have different meaning such as a symbol of a political party and also may reflect on violence. People especially men use there fist while fighting thinking that they are solving problems while in real sense they are adding problem to the other.

The two hands holding together may either represent two people gauging there muscles and one winning by over powering the other or two people who may be close friend or couple dancing to a certain music or rhythm. There is also another two hands right below the ones holding hands that indicate shows the person is in prayers. This is usually practiced in almost every religion e.g. the Catholics and Muslims. It also indicates a person in need trying to ask for assistance. Lastly the hand on the right just below the one asking for assistance displays anger by looking at the fingers and on the palm

iPhone Skin Design

Cell phones are currently considered as the most convenient mode of communication compared to others such as print and a large percentage of people own them. People buy phones because they fall in love with the outer look that is neatly decorated. Since there are different mobile phones accessories depending with the model hence they don’t consider the features they contain in them.

There are important factors that need to be considered when purchasing a mobile phone. Fast and foremost, is the simplicity of the phone hence should not be complicated with many things that elderly people won’t be able to operate them because extra features creates difficultly for them. Secondly they should not be ambiguous to them because it will be useless to them if they do not use them hence should easily understoodable. Sound also matters a lot when buying a cell phone hence the volume should be adjustable depending to their selected choice. Thirdly is the quality of the battery that is capable of retaining the energy for a long period of time. Lastly is the cell phone screen that contains a larger size of font so that the elderly persons can be able to read whatever is written on it without straining their eyes so much.

Self Portrait

The image portrait shows a beautiful lady with a long blue weaved hair and her head leaning on her right handed side. Behind her is a well colored beautiful, circular rings designed in different sizes. This colors includes, green, pink, yellow, black and white. The lady herself in a white t-shirt looks, sad, sick and a state of loneliness on her face showing that she doesn’t enjoy any single minute in her life. Looking at her as being lonely, there are certain things which are supposed to be analyzed such as the causes, the effects and the treatment.

Loneliness is a state of feeling unwanted alone, empty or solitude. It can also be perceived as feeling isolated. This is caused by depths of a loved one, relocating to new places, couples divorcing, physical isolation and depression. It can also be caused by internal factor e.g. people lacking confidence in themselves. Loneliness can led to; poor decision making, increase stress, alcoholism and drug abuse and finally depression and committing suicide. Treating it is by engaging in activities you enjoy; learn to socialize with all kinds of people, focusing on the positive and not the negative and lastly is to always understand its effects and you will be safe.

Christmas invitation cards

People believe in using invitation card to convey information for different occasion such as weeding and birthday. They are usually simple documents but with a strong message in them. When being designed, they are usually folded on the sides or on top, contain a front, the inside and lastly the back. The front also known as the cover is what conveys the main information hence grabs the attention of the reader. It also gives the tone of the card e.g. romantic or serious. Two glasses containing red champagne may be designed right below the main message with there upper edges knocking on each other to as a sign of cheers. One may decide on what message to be conveyed to his audience. People can write a serious quote as a message, bible verses, a joke or serious poems printed graphically to show some uniqueness and is usually placed at the bottom of the reverse back page. The back side of the card is where you also print different patterns of the champagne glasses. One may decide to design them in a circle and put a small message e.g. merry Christmas below or between them. They also carry your company’s logo, contact and a copyright notice.


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