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Competitor Analysis: Medical Centers

This is a business review of hospitals located in Alaska and comparing the way these different hospitals provide their services to the people who live in tense regions, as the way the patients are treated provide the patients with the will of going back to the health facility to acquire medical attention whenever they fall ill just from the previous way one was treated with the staff if the medical facility the medical in question includes Alaska Native Medical Center, Alaska regional Hospital and Mat – Su Regional Medical Center.

Alaska Native Medical Center

Alaska Native Medical Center also known as the Alaska Native Tribal health Consortium (ANTHC) was established in 1997 as a nonprofit health organization with its base in Anchorage, Alaska. To date its on record for the treatment of over 130,000 American Indians and Alaska natives in Alaska, the health facility is managed and owned by the tribal government of the Alaska natives (Alaskaregional, 2010). The health facility has a number of 150 beds, about 250 medical physicians with 700 nurses, it’s the only hospital in ask that provides Trauma treatment with a level II Trauma centre.


The company encounters stiff competition from the other medical facilities in the country, because it has the Magnet designation award that is an award that each medical facility would want to win the competition is generally a challenge as the facility strives to maintain its high medical standard by providing the patients with good medical service.

Business Strategy

The facility provides a variety of medical services to all people of varied ages varying from infants to the aged, because it has well qualified medical practitioners that are registered by the medical council if the state of Alaska and therefore they are trusted in performing their duties.

The various includes primary care, tertiary care and acute care, in the provision of primary care the facility the facility provides general health care that is provided to the patients by the qualified medical practitioners that are specialized in internal and family medicine, and they provide their services across the streets hospital their constituent hospital known as the in Anchorage Native Primary Care Center (Anmc, 2010). Tertiary medical services is practiced by the highly specialized medical practitioners, people with complications will be served with specialized Urologists, Dermatologists and Cardiologists, in issues of acute medical care the facility provides the patients with proper medical care to the patients with injuries and serious illnesses, as they examine the patient carefully through conducting tests on the patients.

The facility is also highly equipped with the relevant medical facilities such as a laboratory, pharmacy, radiotherapy section and x-ray facility, these facilities makes the practitioners to provide quality services to the patients, as tests can be conducted on them in order to find the exact cause of the ailments.

the medical practitioners of this facility conduct round –round travel to health centers and hospitals, in Bethel, Nome, Barrow, Sitka among others counties in order to provide the patients with in-site clinics, the facility also provides leadership and extensive training programs to the locals.

The facility has won the award of Magnet designation that was presented to it by American Nurses Credentialing Center for two consecutive years this in return resulted to the facility gaining credibility from the patients therefore increasing its income.

Alaska regional Hospital

Alaska regional Hospital is a health facility located at the 8th and the L. Street downtown in the year 1963 as Anchorage Presbyterian Hospital, as a joint venture between the local church and the local medical practitioners, in 1976 this hospital moved to its present location on De Barr Road, were the hospital has 250 –beds that are licensed with other accredited medical facilities.


The health facility experiences challenges in its daily running; the challenges includes, lack of financial support that would enable it to expand its departments, the funds would enable the facility to accommodate more patients from the present 250 in-patients.

The management team also comprises or a mixture of personnel with divergent thinking, as each team would want to pursue its need and the conflict of interest amongst the team will make the running of the facility difficult.

Business Strategy

The facility has high number of beds that has made it to provide a large number of in-patients than its competitors, the big number of beds provide the patients with proper medical attention, as they are given medical checks more often by the medical practitioners as compared to incidents were the patient is not admitted due to lack of medical facilities such as beds.

The facility is also supporting Non Governmental Organizations in the conducting local events set to sensitize the community on issues that pertain to cancer, muscular, heart, and Blood and women health (Porter, 2009). The management team comprises of highly qualified personnel in the medical and managements sector, they are capable of dealing with a problem once they are faced with one as they are qualified in there perspective fields, the hospital has also opened up an interactive website that, acts as a point of interaction with its patients, this has enabled the management team to receive suggestions and complains from the patients, this helps the facility to improve on its services (Anthc, 2010).

Mat – Su Regional Medical Center

Mat – Su Regional Medical Center is a general hospital that is located between Palmer and Wasilla, its also the main hospital that serves the Matanuska-Susitna Valley, the health facility was built at a cost of $87,700,000 between the years 2004-2006 as a replacement of the Valley hospital that was ageing, it has a number 74 beds (Lee, J. (2010).


The facility encounters challenges in its daily activities, some of the challenges faced by the facility include less number of beds for in-patients, and the reduced number of beds for the in-patients makes it difficult for the facility to admit lots of patients who suffer complications and would require special medical attention this results to most patients being treated and discharged.

The facility is also new in the region and has got little credibility in comparison to facilities which have been in the region for long and the locals know of the services of the others as compared to this new hospital.

Business Strategy

The facility is very young and small, because it was recently established, but despite its resent formation the facility is providing good services to its patients without acknowledging its age in provision of medical care to the patients of the region. The medical facility has defeated its competitors as it has provision for private rooms for the patients in that each patient has got his own room and they are not placed in a common room as the other hospitals (Duncan, 2003).

The hospital is situated in a Three-story building that comprises of the various rooms for the patients, with its wideness it offers surgical services as it has 4 rooms that are specifically set aside for operations, and another one set aside for the provision of caesarian operation to the women who encounter birth complications, the facility also owns 8 beds for the intensive care unit that are for patients that have major injuries and medical problems.

Competitor Analysis Worksheet

Competitive Differentiation Vulnerabilities Business Strategy
Alaska Native Medical Center.
  • Stiff competition from the other medical facilities.
  • Provides a variety of medical services
  • Highly equipped with the relevant medical facilities
  • The medical practitioners of this facility conduct round –round travel to health centers and hospitals
Alaska regional Hospital
  • Lack of financial support
  • Mixture of the management team
  • The facility has high number of beds
  • Supporting Non Governmental Organizations in conducting health sensitizations
  • The management team comprises of highly qualified personnel.
Mat – Su Regional Medical Center.
  • Less number of beds for in-patients
  • The facility is new in the region and has got little credibility
  • Providing good services to its patients.
  • Provision for private rooms for the in-patients.
  • Rooms that are specifically set aside for operations.


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