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Colleges of Education Preparation of Future Teachers


Education is a very important part of modern life. People understand that to achieve something in their life they should study hard and get as the best education as they can. People’s education depends on the teachers’ qualification and abilities. The educational system all over the world tries to develop the system of education, especially in reference to future teachers. Modern life requires more and more developed and broadened system of education. Modern students are more demandable, and as they pay for their education, they want to get from teachers as much as possible. So, the problem of future teachers’ education is one of the most significant today.


The development of technologies all over the world creates the necessity to be aware of these changes. Computers and Internet became one of essential parts of people’s life. The Department of Education insists that if teachers want to teach their students to use the innovative technologies and successfully compete in global economy (what is an important part of modern life), the teachers should be adequately prepared themselves in this field of knowledge. (Billups, 2000)

It is very important to give a good training for future teachers in the field of technology in order they could implement their knowledge to students, as “If we do not get teachers the proper training, it is really like denying them the chalk that they use on the blackboards of the future.” (Billups, 2000, p. 6) So, the preparation of the teachers in the technological field should be one of the main considerations for colleges of education in the nearest future.

Innovative technologies should come in the life of every future teacher, as innovative technologies are the future of education. Sanborn, Santos, Montgomery, & Caruthers (2005) in their article say that “Trends engendered by new technologies, immigration, school choice, and alternative education methods carry with them the muscle to reshape the form, content, and methods of education”. The same source emphasize that technology is not only computers and multimedia, it has broader meaning when we reference to education. Under innovative technologies in education we should understand education we should the very essence how future teachers will teach and educate, how students will learn and access the necessary information. The information in modern world is much varied, weighty and some cases are difficult to manage. (Sanborn and Santos, 2005)

Scholars underline that the increase of home education now, will cause the majority of cases when people will want to educate at home. The homeschooling education requires from teachers and students to be aware with innovative technologies, such as computers and Internet. People all over the world prefer to distant education now and in future the number of such students will only increase. The willing of people to study at home leads to some inconveniences as not all educational establishments are adapted now to homeschooling. (Sanborn and Santos, 2005)

The first thing which should be done to adapt the current education to further requirements is the rewriting of the curriculum and changing the instructions for teachers. Future teachers are only studying now and it is easier for them to accept a new form of education, than to re-teach old teachers who have already used to current system. The changing of the curriculum should be accompanied by changing of instructions which future teachers accept in colleges of education.

Young teachers are always faced with lots of problems while the first year of their teaching. To limit these problems or to remove them at all, future teachers should be taught to cope with these problems in colleges of education. First of all they should be taught the main principles of education, which may be gathered in a number of rules, which are represented for us by Paul R. Burden (2000) in his book “Powerful classroom management strategies: motivating students to learn”:

  1. If information is to be learned, it must be recognized as important.
  2. During learning, learners act on information in ways that make it more significant, relevant, and practical.
  3. Learners store information in long-term memory in an organized fashion related to their existing understanding of the world.
  4. Learners continually check understanding, which results in refinement and revision of what is retained.
  5. Transfer of learning to new contexts is not automatic but results from exposure to multiple applications.
  6. Learning is facilitated when learners are aware of their learning strategies and monitor their use.

Future teachers should be taught all these principles in colleges of education. This knowledge will help young teachers to cope with problems which may appear on the first stages of their teaching career. Future teachers should keep in their mind that teaching is very difficult and that a great responsibility is lying on their shoulders. The instructions for future teachers should be clear and understandable as they only study. The knowledge and experience which future students get in colleges of education will help them to get new skills and achieve some success in their working practice.

Future teachers should be aware that the more they know, the better they will be able to teach, and the better they will be able to cope with problems which they may face. While studying, future teachers should be informed about problems they may face and about the ways of how to solve them. More experienced teachers should tell about their experience, may try to implement some new knowledge into the future teachers’ heads. Teacher is an example for a student, he/she should be the person which will always help, relying on his/her experience.

Practice while education is also very important, as while practicing students may be given some hints or a helpful hand, which they will not be able to receive when they will finish their education and will not be supported by any help. Practice during studying in the college of education is very important part of this education. Scholars insist that active teaching practice is the main source of students’ portfolio which will be very helpful during future work with students. (Burns, 2004)


In sum, the world is changing, people are faced with more and more requirements which concern all spheres of people’s life and do not omit the educational aspect. Teachers are the first who should meet these changes and make them as easier to be accepted by students as they can. Teachers are people who form students understanding of life. The first teacher forms the likes and dislikes of children, imparts the loving to knowledge to their minds. Teachers are responsible for the students’ future life, so teachers should be aware of lots of things which may help students to enter the future adult life.

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