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Bims Inc.: Case Study. Employee Motivation


When you carefully look on the questionnaire of the survey carried out by your company it’s pretty clear as to where the problem lies. It’s a clear case that the employees are lacking motivation, that is to say the morale of the employees is down. When you look at a question like #10, the response of the employees will clearly spell out that they are lagging in motivation. When it reaches a point of employees not giving a damn about losing their job, it is a clear indication that an effective enhancing-motivation program is necessary. As a manager, you can’t motivate people any more than you can empower them. Employees have to motivate and empower themselves. However, you can set up an environment where they best motivate and empower themselves. The key lies in the knowing how to set up the environment for each of your employees. (Accell, 2008)

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Certain things like money, a nice office and job security can help people from becoming less motivated, but they usually don’t help people to become more motivated. A key goal is to understand the motivations of each of your employees. (Cutler 2009).

Fear is a great motivator – for a very short time. That’s why a lot of yelling from the boss won’t seem to “light a spark under employees” for a very long time.

What motivates you as a manager necessarily is not the same thing that motivates your employees. Different people are motivated by different things. I may be greatly motivated by earning time away from my job to spend more time with my family. You might be motivated much more by recognition of a job well done. People are not motivated by the same things. Again, a key goal is to understand what motivates each of your employees. (Cutler 2009)

Increased job satisfaction does not necessarily mean increased job performance. Research shows this is true at times. If the goals of the organization are not aligned with the goals of employees, then employees aren’t effectively working toward the one overall mission. An organization with motivated employees will enhance a good flow of communication, improved employee relations and the overall success of the organization. (Cutler, 2009)

There are some very basic steps you can take that will go a long way towards supporting your employees to motivate themselves. A good example will be to enhance team building upon your organization. Team building will be necessary within BIMS inc. which will be expected to enhance employee motivation, thereby, better functioning of BIMS. (Cutler 2009)

Inc.Accordingly, for an effective team of employees within to be developed, its environment must foster teamwork.BIMS inc. must regard the following with most importance;-It’s up to the managers and supervisors of the BIMS inc. to share the company’s vision or sense of purpose to its employees in a way that they can articulate. –included here are facts about your organization and their specific job – what business you are in, who your customers are, specific details about your services, where forms are located, who to see when there is a problem, practical skills required to do their job well, interactions that give them a sense of belonging and self-worth – being listened to, respected, trusted, valued…within these groups/teams. (Accell, 2008)

Clearly spelling out the agenda of the work will work a miracle for the company. And making the employees believe that they are part of the vision accomplishing will be important. Make the employees feel important. It’s important to note that communications may be working effectively at higher levels, but fail dismally at the more local level. The interpersonal skills of supervisors, team leaders and local managers are especially critical as these are the people that frontline workers develop working relationships with most personally and closely. (Accell, 2008)

It will be important for the manager to re-look at the structure of the company and try and develop a structure that will improve the relations between workers of higher hierarchy and those of lower hierarchy, instead of structures that try to isolate the juniors from the seniors. The manager is expected to enhance free movement and interaction between its employees. (Accel, 2008)

It will also be necessary for the manager of the company to strike a balance between reason and intuition so that its employees are neither too oriented towards nor too disregarding of “hard” facts. (Cutler, 2009)

The manager will be expected to align its employees so that everyone is going in the same direction. This can only be accomplished when the management emphasizes more on personal performance and allows employees to fulfill themselves in their jobs. This emphasis is the key to the team development process

Successful team building has far reaching ramifications for your organization. Improve the way team members interact and you will improve their ability to solve problems. (Cutler 2009)

Better problem solving means better efficiency, in general increased efficiency tends to boost morale and productivity upon the organization. This may go far way to help decrease stress turn over and operating costs, and all of these improvements will bolster your organizations public image. Once you establish an effective team it becomes more creative, more productive, self perpetuating, resilient, and confident. In other words, workers will more (happily) be productive and management will at the same time be able to manage(plan, control, coordinate) better. (Accell, 2008)

As the manager of the IBMS inc. you will be expected to know whether the process of a team building is being effective in your organization. The following shared characteristics must be revealed for effective teams-Teams must operate with clearly defined goals as an expectation to its entire staff. Individuals within teams must understand and accept goals. Team members must know what others want and expect of them. Understanding the goals and vision of a team by every employee is an important tool that will enhance togetherness and therefore being able to stand firm. (Accell, 2008)

The manager and the supervisors of IBMS inc. will be expected to lead by example, not by virtue of job tittles-As a leader you must be motivated for you to motivate your junior staff. You must show commitment to the organizational goals for the same to be done by your junior staff. (Cutler 2009)

Procedures-These teams must make decisions together in groups. Including the junior staff in decision making plays an important role in improving the organization. It will make the junior staff feel important and therefore part and person of the organization Proceedings-All members must know how to get work done together as a team e.g. making decisions, solving problems, managing time, communicating and resolving problems. (Curtler,2009)


Sharing information is also an important tool in enhancing good relationships between the staff-This can only be enhanced through relationships. Putting, simply, people who like and respect each other usually work together more effectively than people who do not. Ambiguity in all these variables produces stress and hampers performance, which affects relationships. (Accell, 2008)


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